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Online accessibility is a critical design element for Yale New Haven Health’s digital experience. As a leading health care system with global recognition, YNHH recognizes the importance of serving all visitors to the site regardless of ability.

The effort to make the YNHH online experience adhere to WCAG 2.0 AA standards was not only a matter of compliance, it was a matter of doing what is right for all those they serve. Primacy worked with YNHH to approach the project holistically—from their backend technology and CMS solution to the frontend design and content development, training and beyond.


The initiative began with a content and accessibility audit that revealed gaps in the experience and helped define accessibility requirements for the redesign. Primacy then created a prioritized list to address critical accessibility gaps which included video, markup consistency, text size and color palate and other key areas for optimization in the new design.

Our User Experience team worked with technology developers at YNHH and Primacy to map out the online experience, developing wireframes to illustrate how the front-end experience would come to life.

ynhh image 1
YNHH Wireframes


Our wireframes helped all contributors better understand nuances such as content hierarchy, mobile accessibility, captions and even button placement. By making the experience more tangible early on, the development team was able to better grasp the implications of the design and avoid costly mistakes and workarounds when it came time to build the experience.

With respect to interface design, Primacy’s graphic designers adapted YNHH’s offline brand color palate to ensure consistency—adding a contrast mode that increases contrast levels for all content on the site meet WCAG standards.

An inventive technical solution that makes dynamically loaded content more keyboard accessible was developed to make doctor finder and search results more accessible.

And when it came time to develop and deploy content, Primacy worked with YNHH to train teams of content authors on how to create and maintain accessibility moving forward.


A Holistic Accessibility Partner

What separates Primacy from most accessibility vendors is our comprehensive expertise in strategy, technology, user experience, content development as well as interface design. For Yale New Haven Health, we worked with their digital and marketing team (as well as their branding agency) to design and implement virtually every aspect of the web experience—creating a digital foundation that works technically and aesthetically.

Importantly, Primacy guided YNHH in formulating and documenting their policies and process to ensure consistency and compliance across their network in the future. Further, we developed a training program for YNHH to educate and guide the many people who contribute content to YNHH’s site on the critical need of online accessibility to living the true vision of their brand.

Awards& Recognition

NESHCo Lamplight Award