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Open enrollment Dates Don't Move.So we did. Quickly.

SCAN Health Plan, a seniors-only health insurer in Southern California, wanted their member portal to feel like a window into the great experience SCAN members have in real life —guiding seniors to the best healthcare decisions as easily as if they were being helped by a real person. The site also needed to create an easier path-to-purchase to drive member enrollments.

10K+ New Online EnrollmentsThis Year

The problem was, their starting point was pretty far from that vision, and their deadline wasn’t all that far away. We needed to rebuild the site in a way that would quickly fix the biggest pain points for both external and internal audiences, making it easier to use and easier to update.

Launch, Learn. Repeat.

We don’t believe in letting the perfect get in the way of the good. We also believe that using data from real customer interactions provides invaluable insights. So our approach was to solve core problems first, and learn and adapt over time, with launches coming in waves.

SCAN’s internal team had major pain points in updating and managing the site and their major cycle was coming up in 6 months. To deliver the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time, we first shifted the site onto Sitecore’s content management to give the SCAN team more control over their site. Then, our UX team created a system of modules that could support all types of content. This allows us – and SCAN—to bring on new functionality and improvements seamlessly, based on real user interactions and data.


K.I.S.S.(Keep It Simple for Seniors)

As the population ages and people live longer, more and more seniors are shopping for Medicare plans online—and they’re not just using desktops anymore. So, our goal was to create a site tailored to the unique needs of SCAN’s senior audience - deliberately uncomplicated across every device, providing clear direction and easy steps for audiences with possible mobility and vision challenges, and less experience with digital interfaces.

Our responsively designed site uses imagery to create an emotional connection, while guiding visitors along at every step with prominent, streamlined navigation, easy-to-read, scannable content, and large calls-to-action. The end result is an intuitive digital experience that makes every visitor feel like in control and supported through the entire purchase process and beyond.


We are super excited about the new site. The look and feel is great… it’s easier to navigate and easier to view... Thank you and keep up the great work!

Jennifer Brooks-Mason
Senior Director, SCAN project lead
Rosie Walker Rosie Walker

Rosie WalkerStrategist

Rosie has led several strategic, multi-year engagements with Middlesex Hospital. She has over 15 years of experience in marketing, strategy and account management.