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Turning an independent hospital into the clear choice for smarter care.

Sandwiched between large network competitors, Middlesex Hospital needed to differentiate itself and shift their perception as a small, independent hospital.

Often viewed as a quality, caring hospital, Middlesex was not top of mind for delivering complex care.

The reality is that Middlesex Hospital has competitive facilities, staff and technology capabilities, but dogged with the perception of a less sophisticated hospital.

Their goals: change their perception to be the clear first choice for healthcare in their area, increase market share and increase service line procedures.

Branding and Positioning

Brand Identity is a valuable, key component of creating an ownable and recognizable position for a brand.

We used our proprietary Brand Identity process to understand and define the core qualities for Middlesex.

Then we crafted a tagline that encompasses their key equity and makes it understandable to the target audience:

The Smarter Choice for Care.

The tagline provided a foundation for the new brand platform to foster the shift in perception.

Middlesex brand wheel


Increase in top of mind awareness.


Increase in ad recall.

Service Line Marketing

With the branding and positioning launched, we sought to increase awareness of Middlesex’s competencies and grow service line market share.

An Integrated Approach
  • Paid search
  • SEO
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Social ads
  • Print
  • Online display

The service line campaigns supported our overall brand positioning.

Plus, they each hit on the key brand attributes: technology, expertise, and outcomes.

And, they looked drastically different than anything else in the marketplace – breaking through the clutter.


Increase in overall web traffic.


Increase in service line share of visit.

Cancer Center Campaign

Middlesex was under increased pressure with competitors positioning themselves as leaders in complex care procedures - like cancer treatment.

The cancer center campaign would build off the momentum of the existing brand campaign, connecting with patients – and their families – at a very emotional time in their lives: after a cancer diagnosis.

There's a "moment of panic" when a patient is diagnosed with cancer. At that moment they are asking themselves "where do I have the best chance of survival?"

It’s at this moment when patients need Middlesex Hospital’s help the most.

We needed to win their trust and show that Middlesex has the capabilities, technology, and survival rates cancer patients can rely on.

related image


Increase in visits to the cancer center page.


Of all site visits are to the cancer center page.

Middlesex Hospital Cancer Center Print Ads

Focused on the best outcomes

We knew that Middlesex Hospital stopped at nothing to get the best outcome for every cancer patient.

So we focused the campaign on cancer survivors that had been treated at Middlesex Hospital.

We used their inspiring stories as a central tenant of the campaign.

The advertising reinforced the strengths of Middlesex Hospital’s technology, physicians and treatment options and their ability to turn cancer patients into cancer survivors.

Related Image

Awards & Recognition

Happy clients are the biggest reward, but it's nice to have a shiny trophy or two to celebrate a job well done. Middlesex Hospital and Primacy were honored with awards from the following associations:

CADC Awards
CT Ad Club Awards
MITX What's Next Awards
Global Awards