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Big News for Connecticut Patients

In the world of health care, there aren’t many names more recognizable or impressive than Mayo Clinic. So, when Middlesex Hospital found out they were the first hospital chosen to join the Mayo Clinic Care Network in Connecticut—a state with no shortage of big-named hospitals competing for patients—they were understandably excited to get the word out. And we were just as excited to help them.

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Getting the word out

That meant creating an long-term, integrated, multimedia campaign—including two television commercials, supporting videos, print advertising, social media, online banners, radio and a dedicated landing page—to make the big announcement and educate area families about the benefits this new collaboration would bring to Connecticut.

middlesex commercial
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Using collaboration to create a campaign about collaboration

"How do you make the smarter choice for care even smarter? A single word: collaboration." That’s the first line of the first TV spot we created for this campaign. But, for us, collaboration was much more than just a word. It defined our entire creative approach.

We worked with our internal research and strategy teams to survey area residents and find out what they knew about Mayo Clinic and what they’d hope to get out of the new relationship. We performed multiple interviews with Middlesex Hospital physicians and administrators to learn about the details of the relationship and how it would work on a day-to-day basis. We partnered with a talented, nimble director and film crew to shoot and produce two live-action TV spots for little more than the budget usually needed to produce one. We worked with multiple design teams to create the animated graphic that symbolized the sharing of information and intelligence between the two hospitals and allowed us to bring it to life visually. And we carried everything we learned and everything we created through into every piece of the campaign to deliver a consistent, impactful message across multiple touch points.


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40% Increase inad recall

middlesex commercial
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This was really nice work and the messaging is great… We'd like to share it with Mayo audiences… and with members who are looking for ways to talk about the relationship and share the benefits to patients!”

Sherri Lowrey-Schrandt
Public Affairs Communications Mgr. at Mayo Clinic

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Rosie Walker Rosie Walker

Rosie WalkerStrategist

Rosie has led several strategic, multi-year engagements with Middlesex Hospital. She has over 15 years of experience in marketing, strategy and account management.