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Helping PGA Pros Fix the Golfer—Not Just the Swing

With 29 million golfers in the United States, it’s safe to assume that not all of them are in prime physical condition. Sore backs, hips, wrists and elbows are all common complaints.

And PGA teaching professionals are in a unique position to provide guidance and advice on overcoming these injuries.

The Hospital for Special Surgery saw this opportunity and asked us to build them a targeted consumer portal aimed specifically at PGA professionals.

The goals: To provide valuable information on golf injuries and promote HSS services to PGA pros and to their injured clients who need them.

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Customized Educational Content

Responsive Design

We created a responsively designed portal that would give PGA pros access to customized educational content on any device, anywhere—from the desktop in the pro shop to the mobile phones and tablets out on the course.

And it’s designed so that HSS doesn’t have to worry about rebuilding it when the next new device hits the market. It’s already prepared to handle future devices of all different shapes and sizes. So, it will be helping injured golfers get the medical help they need at The Hospital for Special Surgery for years to come.