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Busting Insurance Myths Atari-Style

Owning a small business can be an adventure – especially when the unexpected happens. The choices small business owners make in those tricky situations can determine if their business fails or prevails.

That’s why having the right insurance is critical. But, business owners often don’t understand the nuances around types of insurance coverages – like the difference between professional liability and general liability insurance.

The Hartford asked us to help them connect with and educate a key audience for their insurance – technology business owners.

Interactive Game


Technology business owners fall victim to many common insurance myths about professional liability coverage, like:

“I don’t need an optional coverage in this economy.”

“I don’t need professional liability because we don’t make mistakes.”

“I don’t need professional liability because I make sure to receive signed contracts.”

“I don’t see the value. I already have general liability coverage.”

But when accidents and problems arise – like theft, lawsuits, or broken contracts – technology business owners can be left in a jam without protection. We needed to bust the myths and get them thinking about the unexpected.

Meet Our Hero

We appealed to the inner geeks in all of us and created an 80’s style choose-your-path adventure game – complete with classic 8-bit graphics – called Tech Quest. Since every game needs a hero, we created one – meet the 8-bit technology business owner (pocket-protector included).

Our hero follows a path through his office where he encounters a variety of dangerous scenarios. The choices you make determine whether or not his business prevails.

Tech Quest puts you in the boss’ seat and challenges common thinking about unique business risks and scenarios. It’s the throwback to 80’s style arcade games that gets you thinking.

The Hartford featured Tech Quest on their Small Business page and drove traffic through a comprehensive media mix – inclusive of digital, print and radio. Tech Quest has small business owners thinking about their risks and the importance of Professional Liability coverage.

Tech Quest Characters
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