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A standard website upgradethat needed to be anything but standard

Since 1875, women have flocked to Smith College in pursuit of an education and experience that’s as individual and exceptional as they are. But the college’s website wasn’t living up to the institution’s stellar reputation. Tasked with bringing Smith’s outdated website above and beyond current standards, Primacy happily rose to the challenge.

+11% increase in unique visitorsyear over year

Appealing to a morequalified candidate

Though Smith’s application numbers remained incredibly strong, the college wanted to attract the type of student who could make the most of its exceptional education offering. The current website just wasn’t delivering.

Woefully outmoded, the legacy site had also become fractured and fragmented over time. Smith needed a digital presence that could meet current needs, plus continue to grow and expand with the benefit of a well-tooled strategy and easy-to-follow brand guidelines. We understood the importance each distinctive element of a Smith education plays in the overall experience. So we made sure we created a digital experience that celebrates the parts, as well as the whole—and delivers a unified and compelling message to prospects.

We put contentin a different context

To design a site that lives up to Smith’s high standard of excellence, we knew we needed to make the college’s remarkable people central to the story. We also wanted to make a dramatic shift away from a traditional organizational structure and move to a schema that truly supports the audience’s journey.

To accomplish this, we developed a more organic site focused on both fresh and evergreen content modules, rather than page ownership by department.

We further streamlined the navigation to create a simple and common gateway to all content. Then we shared best practices on how to most effectively use the site to deliver content in the manner this digitally native audience consumes it.


How we earned our A+

When you’re Smith College, it’s not enough to just be good enough. Primacy developed an up-to-date website that compellingly presents an innovative and distinctive liberal arts college worthy of its name. The new site is a dramatically more effective marketing communications and transactional hub for all enrollment, advancement, and academic reputation efforts that allows for powerful storytelling and engagement.

When we started our journey with Smith College, we knew we had lots of stakeholders to please and a very discerning target audience to attract. With users spending an average of 5% more time per session, we’re thrilled to be receiving top marks!

Smith College Website Responsive Design
Matt Cyr Matt Cyr

Matt CyrVP, Strategic Practices
Higher Education Lead

Matt Cyr is the VP of Strategic Practices and Practice Lead for higher education. Prior to joining Primacy he was the Director of Digital Marketing at Clark University--where he led a comprehensive digital strategy implementation, including launch of a new website--and Director of Digital Strategy at Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies.