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Virtual RealityCampus Tour

The single biggest factor in getting prospective students to apply to a college is the time-honored campus visit. In fact students who take a campus tour are 8X more likely to apply and 3.5X more likely to admit. But getting students to your campus, even when your campus is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, is no simple feat.

If You can’t bring the students to Regis, bring Regis to the students

In the spring of 2014, Primacy went to Regis with the idea that a new emerging technology called Virtual Reality (VR) could be used to immerse students in the inspiring beauty of Regis University's campus, from anywhere in the country.

13% Increase in Leads Captured Regis University experienced a greater return on investment YOY: A 13% increase in leads captured with a 14% decrease in the number of events they attended.


VR was so new that much of the software and production tools were still being developed. But the opportunity to do something innovative, new and groundbreaking was clear to Regis so they "greenlighted" the project.


College FairRockstar

We loaded ten Samsung Gear headsets for Regis's Admissions team. They brought the headsets to college fairs all over the country-drawing huge crowds wherever they went. Most students had never experienced the technology first-hand, so the VR campus tour really stood apart.

Regis VR


The VR tour featured a 3D campus flyover that was executed via a custom fitted drone Primacy's producers ingeniously rigged. In addition to the flyover, the tour included tours of classrooms, sports facilities, dorms and nearby Red Rocks Ampitheatre.

fly regis

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