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Unifying Colorado’s Jesuit University with an online view that’s a mile high, and a mile deep.

Striving to continue the mission of being a leader in education in the 21st Century, Regis University found itself at an inflection point. They needed to completely overhaul their overall Web presence, the primary communications platform to the world, to become a living, breathing entity reflecting who they are and serve.

The University website had grown over time with bolted-on components, an outdated, homegrown CMS, and disjointed experiences among the academic entities. Due to lack of centralized marketing ownership, messaging and branding was fragmented.

Equipped with a new University President and their first-ever CMO, Regis renewed their focus with a commitment to “One University with Three Colleges”. Primacy's challenge – bring that experience to life on the web.

Regis University


Regis stakeholders interviewed.


Survey participants from the greater Regis community during the discovery process.

Destination Regis

Spread out over 81 acres in Denver, Colorado, Regis is comprised of three Colleges – a liberal arts and sciences college, a college for health professionals and a college for professional studies. For the past two years, Regis University has been on the move, undergoing significant changes on campus.

The overarching theme of the site – Destination Regis – reflects the team’s brand and messaging focus that Regis University is THE go-to destination representing a unique life-long learning experience, both in the classroom and beyond.

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Man hours expended between combined Primacy and Regis teams.


Total miles traveled.

A Comprehensive Solution

The end result is a comprehensive, cohesively branded digital destination for all audiences to learn about, interact with, and ultimately choose to attend Regis University.

Improved Brand Experience

We reimagined the Regis brand identity to fit with the world-class university they have become.

The visitor experience is unified throughout the website, with tier pages and sections for each distinct College.

Visually rich page designs enable enhanced storytelling through words and related images.

Making Content Management Better

We implemented a new content management system (CMS) using the Sitecore platform.

It's helping to organize content and interactions that focus on target audience needs first, particularly with the addition of the “audience gateways” found on the University and College home pages.

The Regis Social Hashboard pulls real-time feeds from social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) into one aggregated destination

Compelling "Regis Facts" are shown throughout the website with interesting aspects of Regis via short and memorable “sound bites”.

Finding the Right Information

The new Program Finder lets students search for programs across all colleges based on their status, criteria and interest.

Program listings pages sort programs by College and alphabetically with visual cues for degree and format type.

Enhanced search functionality incorporates filters to refine the user's search by specific criteria.

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Major natural weather disasters that occurred and impacted efforts (hurricane, earthquake, blizzards).


Primacy team members whom contributed to the success of this project in some way, shape, or form.

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Number of times the account manager dressed up as the Regis Ranger Coyote mascot.


Number of random students aforementioned account manager hugged on campus while in costume.

Matt Cyr

Matt Cyr
VP, Strategic Practices
Higher Education Lead

Matt Cyr is the VP of Strategic Practices and Practice Lead for higher education. Prior to joining Primacy he was the Director of Digital Marketing at Clark University - where he led a comprehensive digital strategy implementation, including launch of a new website - and Director of Digital Strategy at Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies.

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