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The Challenge

Create a Digital Tool to Help Educators Reach under resourced Students

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Our Solution

A Scalable, Flexible, Turn-Key web-based platform

For over 25 years, the national non-profit, BELL, had been providing educators in under resourced communities with evidence-based summer and after-school programs designed to help students keep pace in school and look forward to a brighter future.

After decades of success with their traditional offering, their visionary CEO challenged Primacy to create a web-based platform that would make their program more scalable, easier and more affordable for educators, allowing BELL to reach more students and make a greater impact in their communities.

Heeding the call, Primacy first helped re-imagine BELL’s branding and website, transforming it to the new BellXcel. The rebrand signaled a new change for the organization and set the stage for their next chapter of web-based success.

A New Website for an Expanded Vision

With a new name and an expanded vision, the completely reimagined BellXcel website was built on a Drupal framework with a totally refreshed visual language. With a fully customized front-end utilizing best-in-class UX, the new website makes it easier for educators, administrators, and community-based organizations to discover the BellXcel programs, learn about its history of success, and bring this invaluable educational resource to their own communities.

Devices with all of the responsive website modes

From binders to an efficient and intuitive custom-build single-page web app

Taking the traditional program, which was comprised of papers, binders, and manual organization, and housing it in a custom-built, user-friendly web interface was a formidable challenge; however, the cross functional team of experts from Primacy were able to deliver on the ambitious goals of the BellXcel CEO.

Through multiple rounds of prototypes and user testing – the brand-new web based platform was born. The seemingly infinite resources that BellXcel offers are now available as modular turn-key solutions for educators to implement efficiently, effectively, and at-scale.

A totally custom built solution created using .NET Core and VUEjs, the new web-based platform uses serverless technology - making it more efficient to host, code and maintain. A single-page web app, the browser experience is fast, smooth, and user-friendly, empowering educators to create and implement a BellXcel program in their communities

A Turn-key Digital Resource for Educators

Regardless of class-size, composition, or area of focus, the new platform gives educators everything they need, and nothing they don’t. From interviewing staff to setting up classrooms, preparing materials for lessons and evaluating the program’s success, everything an educator needs is now available via a web-based platform and available to any school or community that has students in need.

Launching BellXcel Into the Future

With a pilot program launching in the summer of 2019 and plans to expand further in 2020, BellXcel is well on its way in transitioning from a one-program provider to being an education solutions company with the scale and reach afforded by their new web-based platform.

Kurt Gannon Kurt Gannon

Kurt GannonVP, Experience Director

Kurt is VP, Experience Director at Primacy with more than 15 years shaping and building engaging human-centered digital experiences. His vision for Experience Design combines big-picture, strategic thinking with a hands-on approach that promotes greater collaboration and inventive solutions.