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An Innovative Multi-Channel ApproachCombats Assault on Campus

A study cited by The New York Times in Sept. 2015 found that 1 in 4 women surveyed at a large group of leading universities had experienced an assault during college.1

Wearsafe is a peer-to-peer wearable safety technology that alerts friends and family if an assault or threat occurs. The discreet Wearsafe tag works with a person’s phone and, when clicked, starts a live chat room where friends and family can hear audio from the scene and coordinate a response or call 911.

145Klanding page visits27 million impressions
8-week campaign

Building awarenessfor a hidden problem

The core insight driving Primacy’s approach was that most people are unaware of just how prevalent sexual assault on campus is. By elevating awareness to the issue, our campaign empowered students, as well as parents, with information that could help combat assault. Our ads were intentionally provocative—combining upbeat, on-campus images with sobering headlines about sexual assault on campus.

Reaching Students and Parents Online, On Social, On Blogs...At Bed, Bath & Beyond

To get the message out, we developed a highly integrated campaign that used social channels, search ads, digital radio, blog-influencer marketing and geo-ad placements—all designed to reach our target as they prepared for and began the college semester.

We geo-targeted popular “back to school” stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond to deliver mobile ads with greater context. In addition, we worked with Facebook to develop highly effective Canvas ads (so new to market that it was still in beta). Lastly, we worked with content publishers to identify bloggers popular among older Mom’s—enlisting them to share Wearsafe’s story.

Use your Mobile Device to View the Full Experience


Meaningful ResultsOne Step Toward Eliminating Assault

  • Organic traffic to wearsafe.com increased 240% during the campaign – proving out the rising strength of the brand.
  • Aware consumers were 2x more likely to engage in purchase behavior. In fact, the cost per sign-up for retargeted audiences was half that of the first-time visitor.
  • Audience and Geo-targeted mobile ads were 10x more effective than desktop ads in driving conversions.
  • Use of the Facebook canvas creative unit resulted in a 3.5x revenue return on spend and was featured as a Facebook business success story.
Lino Ribolla Lino Ribolla

Lino RibollaExecutive Creative Director

Lino's our Executive Creative Director and leads the New York office. He's a 20 year veteran in the industry and has won major global awards including Gold Lions, NY Festivals, the One Show, Addy’s and more.