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Can you go offline to drive people online? We can. And we did.

ESPN’s new intranet needed eyeballs. We’re all about the eyeballs.

Just the word “intranet” is enough to put people to sleep. That was the problem. ESPN made a huge investment in overhauling their intranet tool (called itk, short for in-the-know).

But thousands of employees were in the regular habit of ignoring it.

Primacy accepted the challenge. ESPN needed help driving awareness, and changing deeply entrenched behavior.

That called for an attention-grabbing idea executed across numerous audience touchpoints, as media folks are fond of saying.

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To get there, we asked what role itk would play in the organization.

ESPN’s hopes were to connect employees to each other like never before. This sparked an idea. Depictions of people connecting in humorous, exaggerated ways would make the point nicely – and get noticed.

ESPN itk sketches

To emphasize playfulness and take the campaign a step beyond reality, we chose illustration over photography.

After showing dozens of rough sketches to ESPN, five ideas were chosen and handed off to a Los Angeles illustrator. The Get Connected campaign came to life in print, digital, and ambient executions all around ESPN’s U.S. and overseas campuses.

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Featured on:


International campuses.


U.S. campuses.

Beyond driving awareness, the campaign also branded itk.

A new hand-rendered logo lockup in ESPN brand colors, coupled with one benefit-driven message, appeared in all executions. Primacy also created the itk Style Guide covering logo usage, typography, and primary and secondary colors.

ESPN itk sketches
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