Every company has a Bob. The go-to guy when you’re trying to submit an expense report, adjust your 401k contributions, find which floor the accounting folks sit on, or check to see what the cafeteria is serving today.

But what if Bob's out sick? How do you get all the info he's got magically saved under that sweet comb-over? No offense Bob, but there’s a better way to do things.

Organizations of all sizes are full of people searching for information, and a well-designed intranet gives them an easier, more reliable way to do it. In fact, your intranet can do everything Bob does…plus a whole lot more.

It gives your employees instant access to the tools and information they need. And it lets them to keep that information relevant, reliable, up-to-date—and conveniently organized and easily searchable.

It enhances productivity and collaboration, helping your employees share ideas, processes, procedures and documents—whether they're spread out across town or around the world, and whether you’ve got 1,000 of them or 100,000.

It improves communication, giving employees a more convenient, more efficient way to stay connected—instead of using email, voicemail…or post-it notes.

And it does all this in a way that's easy to maintain and administer—and most importantly, secured by methods like role-based access, user authentication, tiered access-models and some other things your IT folks will appreciate.

We've created intranets of all shapes and sizes, on all sorts of platforms—SharePoint, Adobe CQ, Ektron, and so on—for all types of clients, from Hubbell and Chemtura to Boehringer Ingelheim and Blue Cross & Blue Shield.

So give Bob a break, and then give us a call to see how we can help you.

Andy Berling

Andy Berling

VP of Business Development

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