Back when people were "dialing up" to the World Wide Web and you needed two hands to use a mobile phone, we were already experts at solving complex digital business problems — mostly of the back-end variety.

Today, our techno-genealogy is center stage and fused with a variety of marketing disciplines, giving our clients a fairly unique blend of marketing muscle and technology chops.

We live by one simple code (no pun intended): Be technology agnostic. We concentrate on quality and results—instead of insisting on one set of building blocks—and our solutions are a better fit for our clients.

Our technology team has expertise with ASP, .NET, PHP, Java and other platforms. We are certified in and have partnerships with a variety of CMS platforms, including Sitecore, Sitefinity, Oracle/Fatwire, Adobe, Sharepoint, Ektron, Ingeniux and Kentico; plus we're experts with open source platforms like Drupal. We also leverage partnerships with companies like Microsoft, IBM and Open Source Alliance.

We put everything we build through rigorous Quality Assurance testing to ensure it works the way you want it to. Our comprehensive QA services include testing planning, issue tracking, unit, functional, integration, regression, performance, UAT, and 508/ADA testing.

Our cross-capability team researches and prototypes technologies, bringing innovation and inspiration to our company and clients. We’re constantly thinking about what’s on the horizon, focusing on technologies such as Google Glass, virtual reality, NFC, gamification, voice and gesture recognition, visual search, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, and indoor mapping.

At the end of the day, we bring thoughtful, workable technology solutions to the table. Solutions that make a meaningful impact for our clients and their customers.

Whether you're a seasoned CTO or terminally non-technical, we've likely worked with someone who's faced the same challenges you’re facing. Let's talk.

Melissa Tait

Melissa Tait
SVP of Technology & Project Management / Managing Director

Melissa's our SVP of Technology and Project Management. She has over 15 years of experience in emerging technology, mobile and social development, custom applications, quality assurance and more. Melissa brings knowledge and insight to our internal teams and clients.

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Melissa Tait

What we Do

Tech runs deep in our DNA

Emerging Tech

Our developers research and prototype the latest technologies to infuse innovation and inspiration.


Quality Assurance

Comprehensive QA services - unit, functional, display, integration, regression, UAT, performance and Accessibility testing - all wrapped with detailed planning documentation and an online issue tracking platform.


Content Management Systems

Our developers are platform agnostic, with deep expertise and certifications in a multitude of platforms including Sitecore and ZenSource


Intranet and Portal Development

We have long-standing and deep intranet and portal development capabilities. We help clients enhance productivity and collaboration among their employees.


Creative Technology

We strive to push possibilities into unique, dynamic executions and experiences that exceed expectations without busting a budget. Having a Creative Technology team in house allows Primacy to create and implement complex, customized solutions quickly and accurately. That’s the difference between re-skinning a bargain template and creating a custom site that represents your brand.


Enterprise Hosting

We offer a wide range of hosting options – from lightweight solutions for static html sites – to robust environments with multiple redundancies for mission-critical/ transaction-oriented sites.



We’ve implemented a variety of eCommerce websites from the ground up for companies like Swiss Army Victorinox, White Flower Farm, Gracious Home, Northeast Utilities, and Penny Publications, among others.

Database Development

SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, and MySQL database platform configurations, performance optimization, and deployment. If you need a No-SQL solution, we can implement a MongoDB, Redis, or Couchbase-based storage solution.

Native Mobile App Development

iOS, Android, Windows – smartphone, tablet, wearables – we have the expertise in-house to develop and maintain your mobile applications.

Site Search

Faceted search, predictive filtering, recommended search, cloud tagging, mega-navs – we’ve done it all using Lucene, Solr, Fast, Zoom and Google.

Architectural Assessments and Technical Strategy

Comprehensive code, environment and security audits and strategic insight and technical direction to ensure your experience has the proper foundation.

Custom Applications & API Integration

We’re experts at building complex, custom applications that integrate with 3rd party APIs to create robust customer experiences. And we're comfortable with languages such as .NET, Java, PHP, Objective-C, Ruby, and Python.

Social Development

Cross-channel solutions that integrate social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and others. We've also developed social collaboration tools on intranets and other closed systems.

Personalization & Contextual Marketing

We can help you define the personalization strategy and technologies required to seamlessly implement a rich, contextual user experience.

Technical Training

We offer onsite and online training - coupled with detailed documentation - on the usage and/or maintenance of all our CMS solutions.