With cybercrime damage slated to hit $6 trillion in costs annually by 2021, the need for companies to secure and protect their data is obvious.

Data-breaches, hackers and other digital threats are making major headlines every day. With the financial, PR and brand implications of these attacks, your company can’t afford to put off taking security measures that both answer today’s risks and defend against future threats.

That is why Primacy is proud to introduce our new security strategy, PASS (Primacy Adaptive Security Services). PASS is built on a platform of implementing a deep and multi-faceted defense, which incorporates next generation technologies that leverage AI and machine learning. We take a proactive approach to identifying and protecting against ever-evolving cyber threats and advanced malware. In addition to strong security assets at the perimeter and highly advanced technology at the endpoint, our services incorporate strategic partnerships to Predict, Prevent, Respond and Recover from a cyber-attack. At the heart of the PASS strategy is the commitment to a security culture that integrates best practices in coding, design and QA with advanced security training for every employee to protect one of your greatest assets, your data.

Let’s face it, today’s world is filled with new and constantly-evolving cyber threats. Which means some of the biggest dangers are the ones we haven’t even heard of yet. Primacy is committed to the safety and security of our customer’s critical data and reputation and with PASS, we are invested in taking a proactive stance to defend against next generation threats. Utilizing PASS, Primacy continues to be able to stay ahead of the game, confidently creating and developing digital solutions for our clients that are both innovative and secure.

Does your digital partner have a CISO? Are they experienced developing secure digital applications for highly regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services and education? Do they have a proactive approach to identify and defend against ever-changing threats? Contact us to learn more about PASS and how Primacy’s committed to the safety and security of your critical data, your digital infrastructure and your company’s future.

Richard Wilford

Richard Wilford, CISSP
VP of Security Technology

Richard leads our Technology & Information Security practice. He has over 20 years of experience in IT, with over a decade providing security and infrastructure services for Fortune 500 companies in the financial services, retail pharmaceutical and healthcare verticals.

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Service Offerings

Security/Risk Compliance Consulting

Through a personalized approach, our expert advisors work with you to identify and mitigate risks associated with your digital properties and infrastructures with an eye towards meeting and exceeding today’s rigorous compliance requirements in many regulated industries (such as HIPAA, PCI, GDPR).

Vulnerability Scanning/Penetration Testing

Our specialized tools and testing scan web applications to look for weak links in your application and infrastructure, exploits such as cross-site scripting, SQL injection, command injection, path traversal and insecure server configuration, that can lead to a compromise of your sensitive data and damage your reputation.

Website Monitoring

Keep your website and web servers running reliably. Our scalable services monitor the integrity of your website and servers to ensure unauthorized changes are quickly identified and your web presence is protected and restored from alterations that could harm your customers and your brand.

Security Operations Services

Our proactive approach to managed cybersecurity will help you align your security needs with your business goals by building a comprehensive Predict, Prevent, Respond and Recover plan for your digital properties.

“We believe that data is the phenomenon of our time. It is transforming every profession and industry. If all of this is true – even inevitable – then cybercrime, by definition, is the greatest threat to every profession, every industry, every company in the world."

– Ginni Rometty (CEO, IBM)