Digital media is changing at a break-neck pace, across all industries, and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon.

These days, it's all those things, plus a healthy dose of business strategies, customer experiences, brand activation, employee/partner engagement and data-driven insights—all shaken together (not stirred) to create a potent marketing solutions cocktail.

The digital landscape has redefined the possibilities and purposes of marketing. Every day, your customers are exposed to more valuable, enriching and innovative online experiences than ever before.

And that means you need to take a more active role in defining, and contributing to, your organization’s strategic direction and vision.

By understanding your business drivers and your customers' expectations, we can help move your business forward—today and into the future. And knowing more about what makes your business tick and what your audience is looking for allows us to deliver tangible ROI that impacts your goals and reinforces your brand's narrative.

Comprised of strategy and insights, marketing and analytics, our team understands what needs to be done to help you reach more qualified prospects online.

From utilizing innovative research and analytic methods that uncover unique insights, to activating integrated media, search, social and mobile programs, we balance the strategic with the practical (and measurable)—creating customer-driven strategies, ecosystems and programs that are contextually relevant and activate customers around your brand by anticipating their needs and delivering on them.

In other words, we get what success looks like for our clients. And we know how to get you there.

If you blinked again, don’t worry. We didn’t. Give us a call and we’ll let you know what happened.

Richard Giannicchi


Richard Giannicchi
SVP Marketing

Rich’s leadership style is grounded in a philosophy of putting clients first. His customer-first approach has driven breakthrough solutions for brands like L’Oreal, Subway, General Mills and Citi. It’s also earned him some serious industry recognition from OMMA, Mixx, Echo, and Webby.

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Richard Giannicchi

What we Do

Campaign Development

Integrated, cross-channel, omni-channel campaigns designed to drive results. We spend quality time on defining KPIs and laying the analytics groundwork to measure the results. Once we know what measures you need to impact, we’ll find the right media mix to make the campaign sing. Explore>

Digital Media Planning/Buying

Display, video, mobile, native, geo-targeted, email, contextually/behaviorally targeted, cross-channel, rich media, and dynamic display are all in our wheelhouse. We also keep a sharp eye on viewability measures to ensure your creative is seen.

Social Media

Our social paid media team advises, plans, buys and optimizes on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SnapChat, Instagram and any other platforms that pop up in the future of the ever-changing social landscape.

Programmatic Buying

Done right, programmatic media buying is an efficient and effective way to deliver results and provide valuable consumer insights for the campaign. We’ll leverage your first-party data and pull in the right targeted attributes through our third party data partners.  

TV Media Planning/Buying

Our media team has decades of experience planning and buying broadcast and cable—and now we’ve added programmatic TV to the mix as well. Did we mention how Twitter and your TV plan can work together?

Print Planning/Buying

Print media can be an effective part of a multi-channel campaign. Our analysis of syndicated and primary research helps inform the best national, regional or industry placement to get your brand in the right hands, literally.


Whether a bus wrap, a coffee cup, a grocery-store monitor or a billboard, our media team will plan and negotiate placements and rates that will deliver the best ROI.


It may seem old school, but radio can be a really effective part of a media plan. And digital audio partners, like Spotify and Pandora, provide an opportunity to track and optimize against your KPIs.

Media Analytics

Our data scientists pour over the analytics to pull out insights that will drive optimizations, uncover targeting opportunities and reveal campaign performance against meaningful business metrics.

Search Engine Marketing (Paid Search)

Paid Search provides immediate and consistent search traffic to maximize awareness, engagement and customer acquisition. Especially in mobile, these are the top listings in search. Relying solely on organic search is no longer an option.

Analytics Dashboards

24/7 you will have access to a data visualization of your campaign. It’s not just click thru rates and impressions; it’s conversions, leads, customers, cost per acquisition and more. All at your fingertips!

Marketing Strategy

In support of the business strategy and key objectives, the Marketing team will develop a comprehensive and actionable strategy. Key elements include communication strategy and matrix, media strategy and targeted consumer personas mapped against your purchase path. Explore>

Premier Status with Google

Primacy is certified by Google as a Premier Partner because of the substantial managed portfolio of Google advertising campaigns and delivering excellent results for our clients.

We maintain this through:

  • In-house experts certified in Google AdWords
  • Maintaining high spend volumes with Google AdWords
  • Delivering solid growth and maintaining our customer base
  • Listed as agency on Google Partner Search
Google Premier Partner Badge

only 3%

of agencies have Google Premier status.