The Industrial Age has long given way to the Age of the Customer. They – along with your sales force, employees and channel partners – expect experiences that are not just useful and usable, but enjoyable, contextual and smart.

On top of this, global competition is intensifying, with constant pressure to innovate, collaborate and prove clear ROI.

We get it. We've partnered with some of the world's most iconic manufacturers and makers to reimagine and optimize digital experiences and marketing.

We reinvented Sikorsky's website to reflect the innovation of the world’s leading Helicopter manufacturer. We redefined electrical product maker Hubbell’s global intranet to spur employee collaboration and cohesion among its diverse brands. And we partnered with software maker SunGard to envision the journey of their C level customers and the content that will delight them.

Primacy helps manufacturers and makers in Aerospace and Defense, Aviation, Electrical Components, Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Transportation and Industrial Machinery create customer-first digital experiences and marketing programs. We combine our vertical industry know-how with cross-industry expertise to invent, disrupt, delight, and create meaningful impact.

We speak the language of manufacturing your customers.

Whether your customers are demanding homeowners, skeptical dealers, needy sales people, C-suite executives, tech-savvy engineers, or overwhelmed architects...we will not rest until we understand what makes them tick and how your brand is uniquely suited to help them.

Ask Mike about:

  • Customer journey mapping and persona development
  • Digital strategy, roadmaps and business cases
  • Sales force enablement apps and demos
  • Improving online visibility, marketing and lead generation
  • Employee collaboration and communications
  • Immersive video and 3D experiences
  • Content strategy to support the sales process
  • Customer service portals
  • Social communities
  • Responsive digital experiences
Mike Stutman

Mike Stutman

Practice Area Lead

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Mike Stutman


ADA Accessibility

We will guide you through the complex rules and regulations of ADA and Section 508 accessibility, compliance testing, training and remediation.


Our brand experts define and position the public characteristics and qualities of brands.

Emerging Tech

Primacy's developers research and prototype the latest technologies to infuse innovation and inspiration.

Employee Intranets

We create engaging experiences that drive collaboration, efficiency and innovation.

Mobile and Responsive Solutions

Responsive design, adaptive design, mobile websites and native applications that create seamless, context-driven, cross channel experiences.

Quality Assurance

Comprehensive QA services - unit, functional, display, integration, regression, UAT, performance and Accessibility testing - all wrapped with detailed planning documentation and an online issue tracking platform.

Social Media Strategies

More than Likes and retweets, we can help you start a conversation and engage with key audiences.

Usability Testing

We will help you learn and discover how design and functionality affects the most important audience – your customers.

User Experience

Primacy’s UX team helps clients accelerate the design process, test ideas, refine direction and arrive at more effective solutions.

Video and Motion Graphics

Full service, in-house production. We're seasoned experts in a wide array of video services, from traditional marketing/promotional videos, to TV commercials, 3D and graphically animated videos, and more.