As a College or University, you need to serve the diverse needs of prospective students, their parents and families, your alumni and donor base, current students, faculty (current and prospective), and other key influencers and members of the surrounding community.

Talk about a tall order.

Lucky for you, your website and overall University or College marketing efforts play an increasingly pivotal role in communicating who you are and what makes you unique, positioning you to achieve your strategic objectives, and engaging target audiences to drive results. Simply put: enrolling students, keeping donors happy and elevating your school’s image.

We care about your admissions, advancement and academic reputation goals.

Primacy is the full-service agency partner for schools that value digital. We provide end to end solutions for colleges, universities, online and correspondence schools and more. We’ve got that rare mix of cross-industry experience and higher education marketing expertise – helping you drive measurable results and meaningful impact.

Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at some of our work and see how we’ve helped schools across the country bring higher education marketing to a new level with digital strategy, user experience design, digital marketing, mobile, branding and more.

To get a sense of our approach, download our free eBook, Designing For the Widening Web. In it, Primacy experts weigh in on how to approach your next website redesign through the lens of digital ecosystem thinking:

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Ask Matt about:

  • Differentiating your brand
  • Driving admissions and performance objectives
  • Impacting advancement and giving goals
  • Creating community and stewardship
  • Increasing visibility of academic reputation
Matt Cyr

Matt Cyr

Practice Area Lead

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Matt Cyr



Track, measure and optimize the performance of your higher education campaigns.

Content Management

Content Management System (CMS) evaluations to full-scale CMS implementations.

Content Strategy and Web Governance

Deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right audience. Manage site authors and content editors.

Enrollment Marketing

Full campaign management of the student enrollment marketing journey.

Microsites and Landing Pages

Targeted content experiences that delivers on your brand and customer value proposition.

Mobile Solutions

Responsive design, adaptive design, mobile websites and native applications that create seamless, context-driven, cross channel experiences.

Paid Search Campaigns (SEM)

Make every click count and achieve a higher ROI with paid search campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Drive and optimize organic traffic, from branded and unbranded keywords.


Research and discovery, stakeholder interviews, persona development, customer journey mapping, and more.

Website Development

Full-scale website redesign and development.