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Healthcare Marketing Primers

Brand Primers

Having a defined brand position - and communicating it clearly and creatively across all of your channels - is more important than ever.

These primers will give you the clarity you need, the creative spark you require and the communications strategy it takes to bring it all to life.

Primers include: 

- Define Your Brand Strategy in the Context of COVID-19
- Bring Your Brand to Life
- Fast-Track a Strategic Creative Campaign

Digital Experience Primers

A strong digital ecosystem is critical to the success of your marketing, communications and volume-driving efforts.

These primers will get your team focused on the critical first and next steps you need to take to ensure consumers can find you online – and you can measure the impact of your efforts. 

Primers include: 

- Develop a Digital Strategy
- Supercharge Your SEO
- Evaluate Your Accessibility Compliance
- Measure What Matters

Patient Acquisition Primers

The healthcare landscape has changed forever, and there are things you can do to be successful in the new environment. These primers ensure that you're targeting the right consumers in the right markets with the right messages —and you can track their activities at every step of the journey. 

Primers include: 

- Fine-Tune Your Service-Line Strategy
- Update Your Personas & Journey Maps

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