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Define Your Brand Strategy

Now more than ever it’s critical to clarify and communicate your brand’s distinctiveness. But brand strategy projects are often time and resource intensive, and outdated by the time they’re done.

How This Primer Will Help

Develop a clear, actionable brand strategy without committing endless resources – in weeks, not months.


What's Included

  • Evaluation of current brand and key communications
  • Discovery process, including a digital survey of up to 3 key audiences
  • Brand strategy document with key findings and recommendations, including: strategic point of view, competitive opportunities, key audience articulation, value proposition, content approach and a high-level communications plan

Timeline: 3-4 Weeks

Cost: $50,000

Bring Your Brand to Life

Higher education rebranding projects often end up getting “lost in translation.” The findings are sound, but challenges abound in bringing the brand to life.

How This Primer Will Help

Revisit your rebrand and make your investment far more actionable – and tangible. This Primer will help you turn strategy into execution, quickly.


What's Included

  • Audit of existing brand strategy research & findings
  • Communications/messaging approach for your top 3 audiences
  • Examples of brand executions across key channels
  • 2 distinct creative mood boards showing how to bring your brand to life

Timeline: 2 Weeks

Cost: $40,000

Fast-Track a Strategic Creative Campaign

Developing a new or revitalized creative campaign for enrollment, brand, or both can be a laborious, daunting process. But higher ed today requires campaign development as agile as the marketplace.

How This Primer Will Help

This rapid-response creative Primer will deliver you a new campaign in 3 weeks or less. And our award winning creative team means your creative will be both fresh and effective.



What's Included

  • Audit of research, strategy and creative assets
  • Creative opportunity point of view and Strategic Creative Brief
  • 3 campaign concepts showing an example digital display ad and print ad

Timeline: 2-3 Weeks

Cost: $50,000

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