We’ve got all the pieces to create custom solutions that connect with your budget, your business and—most importantly—your audience.

Creative Technology is the answer to the question “So how can we make that happen?” As the front-end technology team, we empower and facilitate the concepts and ideas of the UX and Design departments – bringing them to life.

Our team brings an immense amount of experience with accomplishing complex designs and functionality. We’re adept at creating the interface, the visual and interactive portions of a user’s experience to ensure integrity and solidarity across all channels.

We’re incredibly adept in mobile, responsive design, browser compatibility and web accessibility along with the vast responsibilities of all front-end development, primarily through HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Outside of HTML we have a wide range of skillsets, including application development, animation and video production to create and implement designs true to any customer’s brand experience or client’s concept execution.

With every client, we strive to push possibilities into unique, dynamic executions and experiences that exceed expectations without busting a budget. Having a Creative Technology team in house allows Primacy to create and implement complex, customized solutions quickly and accurately. That’s the difference between re-skinning a bargain template and creating a custom site that represents your brand.

From ideation to execution, from planning to publication, we’ve got all the pieces in place to create custom mobile and responsive solutions that align with your budget, your business needs and—most importantly—your audience.

Brian Waters

Brian Waters
VP Creative Technology

Brian brings over 16 years of interactive experience to his role as leader of Primacy's Creative Technology department. Knowledgeable in a broad range of front-end technologies, Brian guides multi-disciplined teams at Primacy in the creation of rich user experiences from concept through deployment.

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Brian Waters

What we Do


We create impressively complex, custom responsive implementations as well as adaptive or mobile-only experiences.


Responsive Design

We thoroughly plan and execute an adaptable, versatile design system that acts and reacts appropriately based on device, connection speed and the user’s intent.

Rich experiences

We’re constantly creating interactive storytelling, miocro-interactions, games and presentations, not to mention innovative single-page apps, tools, and widgets that enhance every brand experience.

Browser technology

We’re adept at optimizing accessibility for all of our client creations. We create modular browser designs and hybrid, cross-platform apps utilizing best practices for JavaScript and CSS. And through WebSockets technology, we allow create real-time communication between your servers and browsers.


Through extensive collaboration and integration with our designers, we create subtle animations, smart transitions, advanced navigation, interfaces and visual enhancements through CSS3, 3D, SVG, Canvas, WebGL and more.