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Colleges and universities around the world are facing unprecedented disruption to the lives of students, faculty, and staff while trying to figure out how to enroll new undergraduate and graduate students during this critical time in the admissions cycle.

In this context, Primacy fielded a new national survey of prospective and current undergraduate and graduate students to better understand the impact that the COVID-19 crisis is having on the college decision-making progress and current students’ lives and academic decisions.

Major themes emerging from this 800 person, online survey include:

  • Undergraduates are wary of online learning while graduate students are much more comfortable with the modality.
  • Prospects and students expressed a need for one-on-one communications from colleges and universities along with virtual ways to connect with campus and culture.
  • Despite only being weeks into the crisis, many students are already considering deferring their education or even changing their course of study.

For a full report on the survey, including data insights for all four audiences and direct quotes from respondents, complete the form below.

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