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Hospitals, healthcare systems and providers of all kinds are facing unprecedented demands due to COVID-19. The pandemic has caused disruption that will undoubtedly have both short and long-term implications for patient care and business operations.

Primacy wanted to gauge the impact on organizations, as well as the patients and communities they serve. At the end of March 2020, we conducted online surveys of 600 adults in markets across the United States. Our survey explores questions related to how healthcare leaders can recoup revenue and volume. In addition, we probed patient fears about COVID-19, community perceptions of the healthcare response and consumer desires for digital health.

Some key findings included:

76% reported that hospital, health system and physician websites are valuable sources of information during the crisis. Provider websites were nearly tied with online news outlets. Nearly half of respondents would prefer COVID-19 updates from their providers by email, and another 18% indicate a willingness for text messages. There exists greater awareness, use, and desire for telehealth or virtual visits among all consumers. For a full report on the survey, including data insights for all four audiences and direct quotes from respondents, complete the form below.

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