The World is Flat. It’s a level-playing field and, today, everything runs the risk of becoming a commodity. More than ever, your business needs to stand out. To be different. To convey why anyone should pay attention to you. And even more, why they should engage with you. That makes your Brand your most valuable asset. Differentiate or else.

Digital and social media have turned the definition of what a brand should be on its head. In a world of always-on 24/7/365 conversations, if you don’t find the reason why your Brand matters to consumers, you're toast.

"No one cares about your brand unless you find a way to speak to why you care about it.*"

These words matter now more than ever. At Primacy, we believe success is fueled by a Brand with a powerful, differentiated voice and a promise that can deliver on the consumer's needs and aspirations. That's why our projects, regardless of size or complexity, start by understanding your Brand and how its uniqueness can be expressed through an experience. We call our approach "Brand and User-centric".

Many of our clients use our proprietary process and tool – The Brand Wheel – to discover their Brand’s true center - that core equity that resonates with customers. Then we use that equity as the seed of all communications and messaging. We articulate it through names, taglines, storytelling, visual design and more. But it all starts with the key equity your brand stands for.

If you’re missing that key equity, let’s talk. We can help your Brand find its meaningful center.

* Scott Goodson, Forbes

Lino Ribolla

Lino Ribolla
Executive Creative Director

Lino's our Executive Creative Director and leads the New York office. He's a 20 year veteran in the industry and has won major global awards including Gold Lions, NY Festivals, the One Show, Addy’s and more.

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Lino Ribolla

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