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Recent analysis from Juniper Research asserts that “Ultrabooks like Lenovo’s IdeaPad are rejuvenating the notebook class, offering the user experience of a tablet in a notebook form-factor”.Net-net: The next generation of laptops and PC’s will be touch-centric and tablet-like.  So what we think of a “desktop” PC experience today is going to be pretty different in a few years for the masses.  I have been using a Dell version of this hybrid laptop and, while far from perfect, it is an early sign of things to come.  You can check it out hereAs Apple works on integrating its iOS and Mountain Lion operating systems set for release later this summer, I can’t imagine that they will not soon be exploiting this opportunity in the laptop category.  Regardless, Lenovo, Dell and others are well aware of this threat and have a lot at stake to innovate and make sure they are not left in the dust as another piece of Apple roadkill.  So, expect to see intense innovation in this laptop/tablet hybrid category. For projects with long horizon time frames (e.g. website builds delivered in 2013+), everyone involved in website development needs to put tablets, touch and mobile at the adult table  and not the kids table anymore.  We need to think first about creating touch friendly and optimized experiences.  Even Microsoft is thinking ahead, creating Windows 8 to be “touch-first”. A famous quote from Wayne Gretzky perfectly depicts what is called for in this situation:  “A gwayne gretskyood hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” These words were good enough for none other than Steve Jobs to use when he was introducing a version of the iPhone:  "I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it's been."The desktop puck is quickly heading towards a tablet, touch and mobile-centric future.  It is undeniable and unstoppable.  Maybe your competitors are already thinking ahead and playing where the puck is headed?  Maybe your customers are too?  They only thing that is certain:  if you are sitting still, you will miss the puck. And if you do so, it will be increasingly costly and difficult to recover.  So get your skates on and mobilize!