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If you thought Snapchat was just for teenagers, you’re not alone—the newest social platform has a reputation for being Gen Z-dominated. However, Snapchat’s user base has begun to grow and widen in dramatic ways, and, just recently surpassed Twitter with the amount of daily active users. It serves a huge audience of potential customers. If you’re not already using the app as part of your marketing strategy in 2016, you should be.Why is Snapchat important?Snapchat is the darling of the marketing world. Marketers value Snapchat because of its huge penetration in the millennial and Gen Z market— and because the users are so engaged. Consider this, every day, between 300 and 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook. With an audience of 1.59 billion and 1.04 billion monthly active users, the portion of the audience participating by uploading photos is less than 35%. In comparison, 65% of Snapchat users upload their own photos daily. They’re engaged with the platform, viewing it as an extension of their own personal brand rather than just a place to passively receive information. Some other impressive Snapchat statistics:
  • Snapchat has roughly 26 million users in the United States
  • 77% of college students use Snapchat daily
  • 58% of college students would be likely to purchase a brand's product or service if they received a coupon on Snapchat
All this to say, engagement is really the key to Snapchat. It is a highly sought-after metric because marketers know that those who are interacting with their brand are far more likely to share and talk up their posts, offers and products. The engaged consumer uses a brand to build a portion of his or her identity. And a user with this level of emotional tie-in promotes and buys far more than the passive user just perusing the latest sound bite or unique fact. Snapchat offers this level of connection, brands just need to develop their approach.NOTE: Early adopters will enjoy a less-crowded playing field where individual companies can stand out. Once the platform becomes saturated, it will require far more time and budget to pull attention away from competitors.How to Approach a Snapchat Marketing StrategyOver the last several months, Snapchat has unveiled several ways that brands can target and market to customers via native advertising. Companies may now create and purchase custom geofilters to help increase user engagement, offer exclusive discounts available only through the brand's Snapchat channel, create a video to be featured on a Snapchat Story, or purchase ads on Snapchat's "Discovery" portal. While these native marketing developments can serve to reinforce an effective Snapchat marketing strategy, brands often find that partnering with Snapchatters to create brand-sponsored content or draw new users to a company's channel through a Snapchat Takeover yields the highest returns, both in terms of reaching the most users and achieving the highest campaign ROIs.Tracking the UntrackableThe unfortunate downside for marketers is that Snapchat does not offer any type measurement to prove value. Other than raw story views, there is no information, data or analytics, and thus no insights to guide your Snapchat efforts. In this way, Snapchat has very similar quantitative metrics as a roadside billboard. Your users see it, gain brand awareness and move on. However, there are ways to drive action to your website, product or service. If you must prove ROI or demonstrate the business impact of your Snapchat efforts, consider using direct call-to-actions in your stories (i.e. incentives like coupon codes or landing pages) to capture real actions taken. Snapping a coupon code that users can screenshot and redeem at the register will tell you how many engaged users took action. Or think about running a survey of your own audience to ask what content they are consuming on Snapchat and what they would like to see from your brand. Snapchat matters because it's different. It really fills in the gaps that are missing from other social media platforms—and it is the one that gathering the most consumer attention. If you haven’t starting using Snapchat as part of your marketing strategy, you’re definitely missing out on the opportunity to connect with relevant members of a large target audience.Follow Us!To find out what we're up to, follow us on Snapchat at theprimacy or by scanning our Snapcode below using the Snapchat app.Primacy SnapcodeHave you used Snapchat in your marketing? What kind of results have you seen from this increasingly popular social app? Let us know!