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Welcome to alluminate - we are thrilled to have you with us. For our initial post, in the spirit of transparency that Acsys aspires towards, and also in support of our belief that social media execution must follow clear strategy, we thought it would worthwhile to share a few focal points from the Strategic Channel Plan we created to shape this blog, to help educate you on what to expect from alluminate:What audiences are we targeting?
  • Existing Clients:  CMOs, CTOs, Marketing and Technology Directors
  • Prospects:  Decision makers at executive level of targeted prospects
What business objectives are we focused on?
  • Improve client satisfaction and advocacy
  • Improve awareness and visibility of Acsys in the marketplace
  • Facilitate lead generation in targeted markets
  • Demonstrate thought leadership
What value proposition will we offer to the target?
  • Unique, relevant and valuable insights into the evolution of interactive channel that help them do their job better
What content will we feature?
  • Cross-industry learning and best practices
  • Relevant Trends
  • Case studies and Results
  • Anecdotes from the field
  • Site launch news (if there is a story worth telling)
How will we measure success?
  • Primary metric: Satisfaction Ratings, Feedback sentiment
  • Secondary:  Subscribership, RSS feeds, Technorati blog rank, Mentions, Linkbacks/trackbacks, Comments
While the primary intent is focused on cross-pollinating of ideas and thinking, we hope you also will notice some unique characteristics from a design and experiential standpoint.  As both avid blog consumers and customer experience enthusiasts, we see ample and dramatic room for improvement in the realm of blog design where some of the most basic tenets of user experience efficacy (e.g. large laundry lists of content categories, unintuitive search results, lengthy pages) are ignored on a daily basis.  Clearly, great design and navigation are no substitute for exceptional content, but it is hard to argue that there is not room for great improvement in this realm.  To see more in depth thinking around blog design, see our related post.Lastly, we would appreciate your feedback in several areas over time:
  • Feedback on the each post
  • Burning topics and questions you would like us to address in future posts
  • Feedback on the user experience of alluminate – what works, what doesn’t?
Thanks for your time.  We hope that you take alluminate out for a test drive and hopefully add us to your short list of trusted content sources.