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There’s a ton of stats that show online video is more effective than written content. And it’s well known that video is great for reaching busy people. People with full-time jobs, and families, and grocery lists. You know, people with lives. These are the people Peirce College cares most about. They’ve put off getting a degree, or finishing their degree, so they can earn a living and provide for their families.Peirce College doesn’t think a college education should be a privilege. They’ve made higher education accessible and attainable to non-traditional college students of all ages and backgrounds. And they’re a pioneer in online learning. The problem was, not everyone knew it. And some people are intimidated by online learning. So we helped Peirce create a straightforward animated video that explains the benefits of a Peirce education and the simplicity of online learning. It’s an extension of their plan to use video content as the primary way to communicate with their audiences – working adults with busy lives. “Primacy had a fantastic vision for animations and a script that effectively delivers our key points. They integrated our feedback into the creation of the final video," said Nick Santangelo, Communications & Web Specialist at Peirce College. "Our marketing team was extremely impressed with the final product, and we're excited to feature it on our website and YouTube channel."