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[caption id="attachment_947" align="aligncenter" width="467"]Guy and Vic Guy Kawasaki talks to Vic Gundotra from Google Plus[/caption] This year's ongoing SXSW recap is brought to you primarily through the notes I took on my iPad throughout the conference. And how exactly do you try and blog using an iPad? Well, you don't. You use a terrific new Ipad App called Storify. It allows you to pull content from many social sources (instagram, twitter, flickr, youtube, facebook) and use that content, well, to Storify your story. I'll start off with an initial recap here, then point you over to the storify link so you can see what it looks like... Day 1's most compelling session was Guy Kawasaki's keynote interview with Vic Gundotra, lead engineer for Google Plus.  For the early part of the conversation, he talked about the success of Google Hangout, and how they designed the product around 3 core elements.1. Make it easy to use. Unlike Skype, Google Plus/Hangout doesn't involve complicated software to download 2. Make it passive. You can start a hangout when and where you want to- if people want to join in, they can, if they don't they won't. Google Plus allows you to publicly share with your network that you've started a hangout. It's akin to sitting on the porch, reading the paper and having a cup of coffee. You're giving your neighbors a visual, yet passive cue that you are (probably) available to talk and have a conversation.  It's behaviorally different than knocking on your neighbor's door telling him you want to talk (Skype?)3. Make it public. For those hangouts that are public, everyone is invited to join. And, Vic pointed out, it's human nature to want to join a conversation-we don't want to feel left out.So what does this mean for brands?For some of the lifestyle brands, a Google Hangout is an easy, fun and creative way to tell your story. Just take a look at The Muppets. For more traditional and B2B brands however, they aren't particularly excited about starting a Google Hangout. It scares them. It's an uncontrolled environment. Step away from the storytelling, and consider using a Google Hangout as a customer service tool, a place to highlight your subject matter experts. or introduce a new product or service. Take a look at what Richard Binhammer from Dell has done. So, think more about what Google Plus can do for you.Primacy Storify