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When Snapchat rebranded and became Snap Inc., they also announced their new product: Snapchat Spectacles. The Snap Specs have since reintroduced camera glasses to the mainstream market.Snapchat spectacles demo

You probably remember Google Glass, one of the first camera integrated glasses. Glass floundered when it came to mass adoption of their product, but it was much more than just a camera. Snap re-imagined how camera glasses could be seen; making them more fun, giving them a simpler integration between hardware and app, and other unique features and restrictions.

If you’re unfamiliar with Snap Specs, you can learn more about them here.Or if you’re looking for a quick download, here are three high-level features:
  1. There is one button and a lens. They have one function and one function only: they shoot video.
  2. There is a ten-second time limit; hardly enough time to fully explain something, but enough to pique someone’s interest.
  3. They are made specifically for mobile. The Spectacles integrate easily with the Snapchat app.
Behind the Camera PerspectiveAs a videographer, I found the video format surprisingly different. Snapchat is known for its use of vertical video, but when it came to the Spectacles, they captured circular video. So no matter how you hold the phone to view a snap the video stays right side up. Now you can record a “first-person, day-in-the-life” perspective, without cumbersomely trying to film it with a phone.  The Specs let you record with nothing more than a simple push of a button and they keep your hands free, so you can go about your business capturing real life with ease.Snapchat spectacles front-viewHere are some thought-starters to show your customers a different side of your brand:
  • Share “behind the scenes” footage from a unique perspective. Whether it’s a presenter leading a discussion, a day in the life of a particular career or event, or extreme situations/locations that aren’t open to the public or readily accessible.
    • Costa Coffee used them to show coffee being made from the baristas point of view*. It might sound mundane, but is a vantage point that couldn’t easily be captured with a cellphone, since their hands are already occupied.
  • Ask your employees to become social ambassadors. Ask them to capture live happenings at events or special occasions.
    • Make a content calendar of events, locations and ideas to capture then assign the Specs to certain individuals for the most interesting perspectives and angles.
    • And don’t forget, your posts disappear from Snapchat feeds after 24 hours of shooting them!
In my role at Primacy, I often create video content that is staged and edited. With Specs you’re capturing, posting and sharing on the fly. It’s not meant to be processed – it’s in the moment – raw and real. Whatever you’re sharing has a very organic and natural feel to it, less sales-y or overly promotional. Grab a pair and try them out! You don’t have the wait in line outside for a vending machine anymore. They can be ordered online and shipped directly to you.   *