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How the Right Agency Partner can be an Extension of your Internal Team

Back in 2014, I wrote an article entitled, “Eight Things to Expect from an Agency Partner” that appeared in Aberdeen’s CMO Essentials. I hadn’t thought about for quite some time, but after reading Forrester’s recent report, “The 2020 COVID-19 Crisis Will Stun US Marketing,” and their assertion that CMOs will need to adapt to survive—because […]

Custom Application Development with .NET

When it comes to custom application development, there are many decisions to make: project timeline, budget, security, integrations, hosting among many others; however, the single most important decision that will most likely influence the rest is the technology stack and the programming language that will power the application and the underlying framework. While every project […]

COVID-19 Business Recovery Playbook for Marketing Leaders

As we begin to lift up our heads and try to focus on the post-COVID-19 world ahead (getting beyond crisis communication), Primacy’s strategy team has created a framework that we’ve used internally to help break down challenges and foster structured thinking on the road to recovery. In a white paper entitled “How Marketing Can Help […]

Survey Shows Early Impact of COVID-19 On Healthcare Organizations and the Communities They Serve

Across the United States and around the world, healthcare providers are on the front lines of the pandemic working valiantly to save lives. At the same time, industry leaders are trying to figure out how to map out plans for a recovery that will restore the financial health of their institutions. It is abundantly clear […]

Primacy Survey Shows Early Impact of COVID-19 on Prospects and Students

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, colleges and universities across the United States and around the world are facing unprecedented disruption to the lives of students, faculty, and staff, while trying to figure out how to enroll new undergraduate and graduate students during this critical time in the admissions cycle. And according to a […]