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What do you get when you combine a digital agency with an organic farm? At Primacy, we’re determined to find out! Led by our resident organic gardener, Jim Matheson, Primacy Farms will be an employee grown source of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables that’ll be planted, grown and harvested right outside our corporate headquarters in Farmington. This will be a weekly series that explores the process of creating Primacy Farms. Interest in gardening has been phenomenal! Without much coaxing (just a single employee wide email), 36 people have joined the Primacy Farms initiative; so many that we had to break everyone up in to five teams. Each team will get their own plot of land and decide what they’d like to grow.Primacy FarmsWe’re lucky to have several experienced gardeners in the building so each team will have a person or two to help guide the group. We held our first kick off meeting this week and discussed planting options. We marked off over 2,100 square feet of garden space in a plot of land behind our parking lot (this garden will have quite the view!). We’re awaiting soil delivery next week; once the new soil is dropped off we’ll till it and introduce it to the existing soil. The goal will be to create a visible area for the garden and get a sense for the space. Then work will start on building the enclosure around it. We also came up with the idea for several community gardens that will be planted within the medians in our driveway. These gardens will grow larger items like pumpkins, watermelons and squash that the group will share at harvest time. Plans are also forming for a chicken coop that will supply the group with fresh eggs. An enclosure will be built just outside the garden that will house the chickens and keep predators out. There is lots of work to be done still, but I’m proud to say that Primacy Farms has officially begun! Check back in weekly for progress and photos, or look for more frequent updates on our Facebook page