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You have likely heard of the notion of an MVP or a Minimum Viable Product which is born out of the lean and agile movement. It is often used for new product development (both digital and offline) and is commonly defined as:the smallest set of features that delivers customer value and provides feedback for future developmentWhile we love the general concept of an MVP for its utility in rapidly developing something brand new and have used it effectively in digital product development, we also see the potential for this idea to extend far beyond new products into broader arenas such as a website redesign, marketing campaign development, brand repositioning and even content development and thought leadership (such as this blog post).But not without a little iteration and refinement. So in the spirit of an MVP, we’d like to pivot and evolve the very idea of the MVP!  Put on your seat belts...Let's start with the name: “Minimum Viable Product”.  While the MVP acronym is cool, generally renowned and memorable, the name is, frankly, not super inspiring. It is founded on efficiency. It does not convey aspiration, inspiration or innovation.  It also focuses on ‘product’ a term that, at first blush, might exclude initiatives such as a brand launch or marketing campaign evolution.Relatedly, in thinking about a web redesign or marketing program or brand launch, we are generally not in a race to get something into market fast, we want to get something exceptional to market, fast.  Something that captures and activates the core essence of our imagined experience and brand.  Something that conveys our vision. Something that ignites passion, emotion and demand.In this spirit, we think it’s time for an evolved acronym.  But we don’t want to disrupt the MVP. It has its rightful place in the world of new product and service development.  And we don’t want to change that.But for the rest of the marketing and experience world, we need something clearer and, frankly, more inspirational to aim for.  A higher, but not bloated, bar. Drumroll…Enter MVX - Minimal Visionary Xperiencethe initial, indispensable combination of elements to rapidly deliver the brand and eXperience essence, attract customers and provide a scalable foundation for eXperimentation and iterationMVX borrows many principles from the MVP, but extends them into something more inspirational and aligned to expectations and needs beyond the new product development process.  At its core is an MVX mindset and set of principles to guide teams and collaboration:MVX PrinciplesAt Primacy, as we look to continuously improve our own value and impact on behalf of our clients and internally, with our employees, the MVX Mindset is a foundational tool in our tool box. And we are finding great results in utilizing it. If you do not already have an MVX Mindset, we encourage you to think different in your own business, across all that you do.  If you want to see an example of it in practice, you have to look no further than this blog post, which was created in minutes, not days, but still conveys the essence and vision I imagined, incorporates ‘customer’ feedback and is built to iterate and scale.  So, with that, to not the true MVP/MVX spirit, I will refrain from further writing and ask for your feedback, additions and improvements to continue to evolve this blog post and, more importantly, the MVX idea, to its full potential.