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As dominions of the basement lair in Primacy, our marketing team is used to working together in close quarters devising strategic plans—in fact, it works very well for us. But transition the same group into a series of rooms with no technology and only locks, keys and clues and, well, those relationships & dynamics change... This year our department outing was held at the Adventure Rooms in Middletown, CT. For those of you who want a full-download on the escape room experience, you can read more here. Simply put, the name of the game is to escape a series of rooms as a group by deciphering clues, puzzles and MANY locks that eventually will guide you out. All while racing the clock, which is set for an hour, and if you’re lucky, another team of highly competitive co-workers who want to beat you. The overall experience was exhilarating, competitive and downright fun...even the losing team will admit it! And despite our combined backgrounds in strategy, creativity and innovation, we found we had to let go of overthinking and just use real-life skills (i.e. communication) to get us through. Below we’ve shared some of our insights into the experience and what we learned in that hour.
  • Adrenaline will get you through the entire experience
  • Communication is absolutely necessary for success (this isn’t just a saying).
  • Problem solving, logic, analysis, creativity, resourcefulness and teamwork are the 5 key traits you will want in your teammates.
  • Stress will be felt in a big way. Don’t let it overtake your practical thinking.
  • When you are challenged, don’t stop. The next clue is right underneath your nose!
So next time you are looking for an out-of-the-box challenge, think Adventure rooms. And don’t be overly confident in your problem solving skills, it’s more than just rooms with locks… it’s a key to understanding more about yourself.Primacy Adventure Room experience