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Continuing our CMS blog post series, let’s take a look at Ingeniux CMS, which we at Primacy have designed and developed for on a number of projects. We consider it a good alternative to Kentico CMS and Sitefinity, and it will likely compare favorably to other CMS platforms. Within this post, I’ll offer some thoughts on the Ingeniux CMS from both a marketing and developer point of view. Ingeniux CMS positions itself as a lightweight, marketer and developer friendly enterprise content management system with intuitive Page Editing tools, Digital Marketing capabilities, Multi-Lingual support, and mobile-first architecture. What you may notice when working with Ingeniux CMS is how user friendly it is for non-technical folks. The CMS offers robust and easy-to-use page editing capabilities and asset management tools as well as CRM integration, lead generation tools, and SEO platform. Ingeniux CMS Page Editor interface allows authors to create re-usable widgets, such as Call to Action, Video, News, and Events, and Lead Generation Forms. Marketers can  publish  content elements throughout the site and track the effectiveness of each. The CMS can also integrate with a number of CRM systems, such as or MS Dynamics, and provide an analytics report. It also supports email responders, allowing marketers to follow up on leads. Many features of the Ingeniux CMS content-authoring environment have been designed with ‘No IT Involvement’ in mind.  For example, the CMS can take care of many SEO tasks and automatically build SEO-friendly URLs for newly created content. This puts control of many, if not most, aspects of website management into the hands of the marketing team and can greatly reduce the burden of managing the site. Despite an impressive content management feature set, Ingeniux lacks the e-Commerce capability found in many other popular CMS platforms.  For companies offering online products and services, this would mean that separate systems are needed to manage web content and sales pages.  Although e-Commerce is not a requirement for every company’s website, it is important to keep this in mind when evaluating Ingeniux. From a developer point of view, Ingeniux is an incredibly lightweight CMS, implemented using Microsoft .NET technology. Unlike many other .NET-based content management tools, Ingeniux follows the Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S) paradigm and uses a simple XML-based file structure system for its repositories and internal databases. This makes it much easier for development teams to setup, configure, and run CMS tools on their workstations. It also makes Ingeniux price competitive since it doesn’t require a database and associated  licensing costs. Developers will be happy to know that the system is built using ASP.NET MVC, a modern and robust web application framework, which separates presentation and logic and provides developers a complete control over the UI/UX elements of the web page.  This reduces development time and eases integration with other systems. Ingeniux also has a pretty powerful event and task framework, enabling developers to schedule and run various customization processes at specific points in the CMS page lifecycle, such as generating lead reports and integrating the data with a CRM system. The CMS is strongly focused on supporting mobile-first website design and is architected with an integrated mobile and desktop experience in mind, which can offer visitors and page authors the most fulfilling experience.  To this end, the CMS fully supports both Adaptive and Responsive Web Design (RWD), enabling designers to build sites that display the same content well across a variety of devices.  This is generally considered to be superior and less expensive to building and supporting separate mobile and desktop websites. A single set of content pages also benefits SEO purposes, as visitors from both mobile and desktop devices are visiting the same web pages, which contributes to an improved search score. Ingeniux delivers a clean focus on mobile devices and author friendliness.  Together with a lightweight and modern implementation that makes developers feel right at home, Ingeniux is surely a CMS worth evaluating when seeking out a .NET CMS. More information can be found at

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