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Welcome to the birthplace and home of what we believe to be the first ever Hospital Industry Crowdsourced Survey of Digital, Integrated and Emerging Marketing!  If you are a marketer or technologist in the hospital industry, you understand the importance of benchmark data to your peers and executives.  Hospitals compare themselves on everything, using the data to stay abreast of their performance, competition and customer behavior, and to inform their investments.  In the emerging world of digital marketing and technology, benchmarks are often elusive, outdated, expensive or irrelevant to your specific needs.  We would like to work with you to change that.   We’d like to invite you to participate in what we consider to be a landmark research event.  So what is so “landmark” about what we are doing...a few things: 1)    First of all, it is free to participate and free to receive results.  Once the findings are compiled, as a participant, you will have first access to the findings before they are available anywhere else.2)    The questions we will ask are virtually guaranteed to be relevant to you…because we are going to let you determine what the questions should be!  To our knowledge, this will be the first digitally Crowdsourced survey in the history of the Hospital industry.  The questions that you help develop will be part of a comprehensive survey distributed to hospital marketers and technologists around the country. 3) The survey and resulting data will be structured, vetted and statistically significant, enabling analysis using parameters such bed size, type of organization, etc...  Respondents to the survey will be qualified to ensure they are employees of  hospitals and/or integrated health systems. 4)    The report will include a summary of findings, results for each question and relevant charts and graphs illustrating key points. We have partnered with Equation Research , a next generation research company that has successfully implemented the first crowdsourced survey in the Marketing industry and who has been a wonderful partner with us on this initiative.Here are some general guidelines to submit a question:
  • Submit your question (or idea) by leaving it through a comment to this post.  See the end of this post for sample questions.
  • Any question related to Digital, Integrated and/or Emerging Marketing in the Hospital Industry is welcome
  • Don’t concern yourself with the wording of your question. Equation will working with us to ensure that all questions are worded objectively so as to avoid survey bias and to yield statistically relevant findings.
  • Feel free to submit more than one question/idea for consideration, but please understand that not all of your questions may get asked this time.
  • Please check out the questions that others have submitted in the comments. If you really like any of those questions, please let us know through a comment as that will help us understand which questions and ideas are most favored overall by the community.
Please submit your questions and feedback on which ideas you liked from others in the comments by Wednesday, June 16, 2010.  After that, stayed tuned for notification of the availability of the survey itself and please take the survey when it is sent to you!If you have any overall feedback or questions about this survey that you would like to discuss outside of this blog, please feel free to contact me directly at:  mikes [at] or 860.404.3344. Note:  If you are NOT part of the Hospital Industry, but like what is going on here wish this survey was happening for your vertical…please let us know as well.Sample Questions (to spur your thinking):
  1. What functional areas in your organization are responsible for social marketing?
  2. Do you have a full time employee for social marketing?
  3. Do you engage in social media listening?
  4. Do you have a formal social media policy?
  5. Does your hospital have plans for mobile marketing?
  6. What percentage of your marketing budget is allocated for TV, Radio, Web, Social, Mobile, etc..?  How will this change in 2011?
The above questions are only a few to get your thoughts started.  We are far more interested in WHAT YOU WANT AND TO LEARN FROM YOUR PEERS.  Thanks very much for your participation. Lastly, if you would like to make sure you are invited to participate in the survey when it is ready, please send your contact information to mikes [at]