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Inbound 2015 was a bustle of innovation, passion, talent, comedy and philanthropy to inspire marketers around the globe. With over 14,000 attendees and four days of jam-packed sessions with enough information to make your head spin, the inspiration was endless. Among all of the knowledge shared, a popular, yet familiar theme of many of the sessions surrounded the concepts of content creation, saturation and engagement. And from a marketing perspective this resonated the most. Because let’s face it, content creation is hard. Content marketing is harder. There is no ‘easy’ button. Fortunately, we walked away from the conference with some key guidelines that will help ease the pain: Reduce & Reuse Most, if not all platforms are oversaturated with great content that goes unread every single day.  Search engines and social media are no longer the champions of content distribution, but rather content saturation. For example, Facebook’s organic reach is at 2% and declining. (International Business Times). What is the solution? Simple, it’s not about creation, but about distribution of great content. Native advertising in on the rise and successful content distribution is a blend of thoughtfully placed earned, paid & owned media. Via Chad Pollitt – “Anatomy of Tomorrow’s Content Promotion Strategy Today” Design for modularity Not all content is created equal, nor does it need to be presented in the same way. The display of content should be a visually designed layout. Exchanging and elevating various components throughout the piece of content will continuously engage your audience. For example; titles, headlines, anchor text & imagery should be unique to each content block. As an added bonus, modular content allows for ease of repurposing and elevating sections for promotion across channels. Don’t be fooled on Social Media “The content and the conversation are a celebration” – Sonia Simone. Social media isn’t just about engagement, but also content interaction and promotion. On social media the individual is the audience and the best way to scale your content through meaningful interaction. Invest in real writers who focus on the individual’s expressed passions and interests and not on brand guidelines. The bottom line, weak content or simply repurposed content won’t work. Via Sonia Simone – “The Intersection of Content & Social Media” Stimulate your busy audience Today’s digital audience, aside from having a short attention span, is busy and bombarded daily with content across all platforms. To truly stand out; utilize video, audio & interactive components. Gamify and engage the individual to encourage interaction. Standard text based components don’t need to be abandoned but rather minimized to make room for interactive, stimulating content. Invest to amplify Paid advertising is a proven means of extending reach to new audiences through intelligent targeting. Amplify content distribution and ultimately the “organic” universe through investment in paid advertising. Be cautious to utilize stimulating elements and content unique to the audience which will draw attention away from an already overly saturated marketplace. It is evident, that the way the modern audience consumes content has changed. No longer is it about the placement and the sell in, but rather about the presumed uniqueness and value to the individual. The most successful marketers will be those that can adapt their content to exceed the expectations of and continuously “wow” their audience.