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So, you’ve got your bracket all filled out. You probably mixed some logical picks with purely passion picks. Of course you want to see the big upset, the Cinderella story. We decided to do things a little differently. We asked our analytics guru, Andrew Latzman, and our design diva, Kathryn McKean, to represent the battle of left-brain vs. right-brain bracket picks. Andrew’s left-brain bracket is based solely on stats and numbers, while Kathryn’s right-brain bracket is made up of subjective picks based on the school's branding and logos. Have a bracket strategy of your own? Comment with your left-brain or right-brain tips! Follow key match ups throughout the tournament and catch updates right here on our blog to see who pulls ahead!  Andrew's Current Score = 800

View Andrew's picks.

 Kathryn's Current Score = 740

View Kathryn's picks.


brain challenge right vs left

Andrew Latzman
Andrew Latzman has over 20 years of experience in analytics, media, traditional and digital marketing. As Primacy's VP of Marketing Analytics, he demonstrates his passion and thirst for answers when working with clients like Regis University, Middlesex Hospital, Yale New Haven Hospital, Columbus Regional Hospital, and others.

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Kathryn McKean
Kathryn McKean is a graphic designer bringing 5 years of experience to the Primacy creative team. She crafts precious moments and experiences through design in simple and thought provoking ways. She is currently an Adjunct Professor of Design at the University of Connecticut.View Kathryn's picks.