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Looks like we’ve got a bit of explaining to do. A new name, new logo, one of those cool responsive websites, even a new office with something like 16 coffee makers and more than enough parking (if you were ever at our old office, you know this is a big deal). So, what in the heck is going on? Well, for one, we’re super-caffeinated. And we’ve been growing…a lot. As a business, we’ve hired a slew of very talented people. And on a more personal note, we’ve matured a little bit (don’t worry, we’re still fun). Take a few minutes to keep reading, and we’ll fill you in on what’s changed and, more importantly, what’s staying the

First, a little background.

Way back in 1994, while grunge and boy bands ruled your radio, Acsys was busy developing accounting systems out of a garage in Bristol with the president's pet dog looking on. We’ve grown up a lot since then, but some things have remained consistent…like our commitment to clients, our pride in the work we deliver, and our love of boy bands. Today, we’re more than a tech company. We’re lead-agency thinkers. We’re digital experts. But after eighteen years of calling ourselves Acsys Interactive, we needed a new name. A name that better reflects our agency. A name that stands out and makes an impact. A name like Primacy. Change can be exciting. But we’re just as thrilled about the things that are staying the same.


  • We’re still 100% independently-owned and led by our President, Stan Valencis.


  • We still offer the exceptional services and products our clients rely on.
  • We’re going to keep innovating and offering the newest digital technologies.


  • Our core set of values is echoed in everything we do.
  • We are considerate, curious, compassionate, empathetic and accountable.
  • We come to work every day with the goal of creating digital experiences with meaningful impact.

The Team

  • Don’t worry. Nobody’s been cut or traded. You’ll still find the same familiar faces (or voices).
  • We haven't moved our Boston or New York offices, business as usual in the big cities.

So then, what exactly is changing?

Our Name

  • We are Primacy. You like it? It means we do digital first. Why? Because we understand that digital is where people go first—whether they need a doctor or they want to order a pizza. Digital is what gets things done. And it’s what moves your bottom line. And that’s why it moves us.
Farmington headquarters

Our Address

  • If you’ve visited our Farmington headquarters, it’s no secret that we’ve outgrown it - we've hired 50 people since 2010 and space is getting tight. So we’re proud (and relieved) to announce that we’ve moved to a bigger and better building, office move number four for the company. You’ll now be able to find us at 1577 New Britain Ave in Farmington, CT. Lucky for our bicycle commuters, it’s less than a mile away.

Our Website

  • If you’re reading this blog, then hopefully you’ve already seen our new site, Please check it out on your laptop, tablet and phone (yup, it’s responsive). We think it’s the greatest site ever, but we may be slightly biased.

Our Extranet

  • An important note for Sitemanager / Project Manager Clients effective 8/10: If you use our SiteManager products, the login page stays the same ( But for day-to-day project management needs, start using If you need to use both sites, they’ll share a single sign-on system and you can easily jump between the two.
It’s been quite an 18 year run. It’s been fun most of the time. It’s been really challenging some of the time. But most importantly, it’s been all about the work we’ve done. We’re proud of it, but we still think our best work is ahead.