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Four Tips for Effective Project ManagementFour tips for effective project managementWhat excites you about kicking off a new project? Is it the new, sparkling, untouched budget? The seamless project plan that boldly outlines every deliverable and due date for the next five months? If so, you probably have the mentality of a Project Manager in a bustling agency environment. Although the project may begin with everything clearly defined, there's always the possibility for deadlines to be moved, requirements to be unknown, and team members to become frustrated. Here at Primacy, our Project Management team uses these four easy tips to keep calm and remain effective as a Project Manager in the digital world:  1. Be PreparedOpen your laptop, have the project's next steps already typed up, and start taking notes. The most effective Project Manager should be able to answer the What, When and How's of a project faster than anyone else on the team, so make sure you have all materials open and ready during any internal or client review.  2. Be TransparentAre you projected to burn over budget? Did your copywriter miss their deadline? Does the team need to work late to complete a presentation? If so, speak up! No one else will look into these details like a Project Manager so be sure to make everyone aware of these obstacles. When a project faces hurdles, it's not only the responsibility of the Project Manager to overcome them, it's the entire teams.  3. Be CalmNo one likes a hot head. Especially when they need to take direction from one. If a project issue arises within your team, take the time to talk through it and understand what happened. Don't waste time arguing because that is just time taken away from progressing to your next milestone.  4. Be MindfulObserve your team members attitudes and frustrations. Don't just notice when someone becomes irritated and let it roll off into the distance. Take a mental note of why that resource was upset and then take action to decrease the potential for the frustration to happen again.