90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years. That translates into great opportunity and great challenges for marketers. At Primacy, data analysis leads to insights, which in turn, lead to action.

We’ve all heard the familiar axiom, “numbers don’t lie.” But numbers don’t always reveal the truth either. In an age when marketers could easily get lost in a sea of data, creating meaningful, actionable insight has never been more important – or more challenging.

Primacy’s analysts can help you focus on the data that matters most. We’re seasoned pros at defining, measuring and managing digital and marketing performance to maximize ROI.

Data is our friend. And yours.

Our team uses the industry’s most advanced analytics tools to develop measurement plans across a variety of media and platforms. We simply can’t get enough of this stuff, scouring the data to identify patterns others might miss. In turn, that informs decision-making at all levels – strategic, creative and marketing.

In a digitally-driven world, the demands on marketers to see the impact of their investments has never been more intense. That’s why we do the heavy lifting for you, moving quickly and efficiently to provide insights and answers that help you manage your initiatives proactively, ahead of the curve.

At Primacy, leveraging data is just one of the ways we lead clients in an ever-shifting marketing landscape. Because keeping up is no longer enough. Successful marketers must stay ahead.

Source: IBM
Chris Rogers

Chris Rogers
Performance Analytics Manager

Chris leads Primacy's performance analytics efforts. Drop him a note to talk about data analysis and visualization, business intelligence and insights or any other advanced analytics topics in question.

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Chris Rogers

What we Do

Analytics Strategy & Planning

We partner with you to identify and align business goals with measurement plans that support objectives and maximize budgets. Data that once felt overwhelming becomes empowering.

Advanced Analytics and Custom Dashboards

Our data scientists pour over data analytics to pull out insights that will drive optimizations, uncover targeting opportunities and reveal campaign performance against meaningful business metrics.

We’ll help you make the most of your marketing investments through rapid response measurement, interpretation and optimization. We drill into website, social and media data to uncover the insights that will improve your programs and refine your greater marketing strategy.

Our efforts never sleep. You’ll have 24/7 access to a data visualization of your campaign. It’s not just click-thru rates and impressions; its conversions, leads, customers, cost per acquisition and more. All at your fingertips!

Cross-Channel Media Analysis

You're spending money to drive traffic to your website, maybe even custom built Landing Pages. Is your traffic converting? What works on the page and what doesn’t? As a client, you deserve answers. We’ll significantly enhance the value of paid traffic through Landing Page testing and optimization.

Tag Management Strategy and Implementation

Connecting the vast array of data tags is imperative to maximize your digital platform and campaign performance. A well-executed data tag strategy drives deeper unification across channels and devices, streamlining processes and increasing effectiveness.

Consumer Data & Qualitative Research

We routinely distill vast amounts of data to glean actionable insights, identify trends, and spot opportunities that will help you optimize your marketing resources; whether that comes from primary research we conduct, from 3rd party data sources, or the pool of customer data often hidden on the client side waiting to be discovered. Our end goal is always to understand what the data is telling us and use it to improve the customer’s experience, and your bottom line.

Marketing Automation and Commerce

We enable analytics tracking and insights reporting within marketing automation platforms such as Salesforce and Eloqua. Our team consults on your infrastructure to merge media efforts and cart activity.

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Analytics

As new platforms are being developed, the Primacy team is leading the way by infusing analytics into VR, AR, and MR experiences.

Premier Status with Google

Primacy is certified by Google as a Premier Partner because of the substantial managed portfolio of Google advertising campaigns and delivering excellent results for our clients.

We maintain this through:

  • In-house experts certified in Google AdWords
  • Maintaining high spend volumes with Google AdWords
  • Delivering solid growth and maintaining our customer base
  • Listed as agency on Google Partner Search
Google Premier Partner Badge

only 3%

of agencies have Google Premier status.