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Transformational Technologies and Trends (3T) is Primacy’s guidance system for identifying emerging opportunities that promise to have significant impact on our clients’ businesses. 3T is a team of strategists, researchers, technologists and designers driven to transform business. We work collaboratively, using data, practical frameworks and proven methodologies that emphasize ROI and strategic value. Our approach ensures our work is both forward-thinking and focused on building brand equity.

What we do

Business Case Development

Our goal is to surface the meaningful moments in every customer’s story — to create magical experiences where technology meets real business need. We take concepts from whiteboard to use case to business case by doggedly building, testing, prototyping…all the while crunching the numbers to prove business value and develop the rationale for investment. 

Prototyping and Testing

We leverage our passion for innovation to continuously explore trends and hype, vetting technologies through experimentation, testing and prototypes. This gives us unique, hands on insight into the current state of technology like spatial computing (VR/AR), conversational assistants, cloud computing platforms, and IoT integrations just to name a few.


Transformation Workshops

We partner with our clients to activate and energize the often untapped and vast collective intelligence in any organization. We facilitate interactive and creative workshops, run hands-on demo events, and lead exploratory sessions to help identify the trends and implement the technologies that not only make for great PR but also generate sustainable ROI.

Frameworks and Methodologies

We use frameworks such as journey maps, lean canvas and investment modeling as well as methodologies such as story-building, design sprints to help us collaborate and innovate more productively and effectively. Our tools help us accelerate ideas and inspire ingenuity while at the same time staying focused on building value for the business and the brand.

Thought Leadership

When we’re not researching, prototyping, and building, we’re often presenting, networking and evangelizing. Our thinking and our work has been featured in publications, conferences, news segments, and meet-ups across the country. Our passion for exploring the unknown is matched only by our desire to share and inspire others.

Our Work with Transformational Technology

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