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If content is King, then video is the Emperor. It’s no surprise that video has taken over our lives (we’re looking at you YouTube and TikTok). Our full-service, in-house Studios team offers a wide array of video services, from social & promotional videos, to TV commercials, animation and more.

Primacy Studios Film Reel

Studios offerings

Film Production

For us, there’s no greater feeling than bringing brand stories to life – helping to connect brands to new and existing audiences. From concept and pre-production to filming and editing, our award-winning (Emmy, Webby, and Telly) team is up to the challenge – big or small, local or world-wide – to help you tell your story.


Animation plays a pivotal role in storytelling, especially when the content that needs to be conveyed is difficult to show visually. Our team of motion designers and animators has over 20 years of experience in 2D and 3D motion – breathing life into videos and experiences that make them far more engaging and digestible. 


A picture speaks a thousand words. So why settle for stock photos that someone else took – and other companies are likely using – to represent your brand or the services/products you provide? Our photography experts can deliver stunning, custom photography that is 100% you, and only you.

Audio Production

When it comes to audio, our metaphorical amps are always cranked to 11. We understand how important audio is, and we strive to produce, source and record the best quality audio for every application – including terrestrial, streaming and satellite radio production as well as podcasts, music composiiton, and professional voice-over recording.

360° VR Filming

When new technologies come to fruition, we don’t run from them, we embrace them. That’s exactly what we did in 2014 when VR was the new cool kid in town. Since then, we’ve created and filmed numerous 360-degree experiences – including one VR training experience that won us a Webby Award in 2020! 

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