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What we do

Market Trend Analysis

Because we have strategists with client-side experience, they have familiarity with industry-specific marketplace context and a working knowledge of common business challenges. This enables them to work closely with our research team to clearly outline opportunities to drive profitable growth based on current trends. 

Vision & Roadmap

After framing the business challenge, conducting the market trend analysis, and working closely with the research team to understand VoC (manifested via customer segments, personas, and journey maps) — our strategists work with you to clearly articulate a marketing vision and corresponding roadmap. This includes well-defined success criteria that helps dictate the priorities within the roadmap based on the anticipated contribution of each initiative/component/capability.

Go-to-Market Strategy

After earning buy-in on the marketing vision and longer-term roadmap, our strategists will develop a detailed GTM strategy that solidifies how we’ll bring all the pieces together to deliver the desired experience and business outcomes. This happens in concert with the Creative team in order to ensure the “big idea” and corresponding messaging/positioning will capitalize on the opportunity identified in the earlier phases of the process. It also requires hand-in-hand collaboration with the Marketing team — not only to ensure the GTM strategy informs the engagement marketing plan — but also to align the marketing mix and media plan holistically.

Trusted Advisor

Our strategists don’t disappear from the scene once they define the GTM and the initiative/campaign kicks-off. Working closely with your account manager — and the broader team — our strategists remain involved to ensure that we adhere to the vision (or evolve it as necessary!) and deliver the agreed upon outcomes. What’s more, our strategists are always there for you as a business/thought partner — offering advice and guidance as we work together to drive success across the board.

Our Work with Strategy