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Sporting an exceptionally diverse array of essential marketing features and tools, notable even for a commercial product, Sitecore’s web experience platform is a popular choice among organizations in healthcare, financial services and education. As Sitecore partners, Primacy has experience in robust Sitecore builds incorporating personalization, commerce, data and more—helping marketing teams make the most of Sitecore's content management and digital experience platform.

What we do

Sitecore Partners

Sitecore is a powerful platform with the potential to transform your business, and the right partner can ensure your implementation is robust, strategic, impactful and scalable. As Sitecore Partners, Primacy has been carefully vetted by Sitecore for our capabilities within their platform including training certifications for our developers, our experience with integrations, speed to market, and the success our clients have seen from the digital experiences we’ve created in the Sitecore platform.

Certified Expertise Across Disciplines

Our Sitecore expertise doesn’t reside solely within the technology team, many of our staff -- from UX designers and art directors, to front-end coders and QA analysts, and extending out to project managers and account leads -- have deep experience delivering Sitecore projects, which means we approach the strategy, design, content and build phases, as well as marketing efforts, with the capabilities and challenges of Sitecore in mind.

Structured Content for Scalability & Ease of Maintenance

Sitecore’s strength is that it gives developers the tools to define structured content matching your specific requirements, and then an API and basic building blocks to render the appropriate front-end UI according to your requirements.


Primacy uses Sitecore personalization for things such as personalizing page content based on anonymous GeoIP location, or using Sitecore's "predictive personalization" to match patterns of browsing behavior to one or more personas and then creating personalization rules according to which persona a user's behavior most closely matches.

Helix Experience

Helix is Sitecore's guideline for how to structure and organize your modules and functionality in a Sitecore solution, including setting rules for how modules in your code should interact with other modules.  Primacy has found that Helix works best when a certain degree of common sense is applied.  That is, follow Helix as closely as you can, but don't go three leagues out of your way to follow strict absolutes in those cases where doing so would create code that is ultimately more difficult to maintain in the long term.