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Let’s face it: today’s world is filled with new and constantly-evolving privacy regulations and cyber threats. Navigating the challenges of gaining key insights from consumer interactions, adhering to required privacy regulatory frameworks, while securing your digital properties and data requires expertise and focused insight. Our security consulting team has deep and multidisciplinary regulatory expertise (i.e., GDPR, CCPA, etc.) in addition to extensive security capabilities that leverage next-generation technologies, cloud, on-premise solutions and industry expertise to assist you in delivering business results across your digital portfolio.

What we do

Data Security Consulting

We work with clients to analyze the current technical, administrative and physical controls they have in place to defend sensitive data. We then partner with our clients to address the gaps and to mitigate critical risks.

vCISO Services

We leverage the expertise and deep collective knowledge of our security team leaders to assist our clients with developing and executing a security strategy roadmap. We coordinate with IT and business leaders to align security spend with business objectives and build out an effective security process and program.

Penetration Testing

Assuming the role of the hacker, our Red Team tests the defenses of your web application and infrastructure using the latest penetration techniques. This allows our clients to have a real world view of their defensive capabilities and provide more insight into weaknesses that require additional attention.

Vulnerability Testing

Utilizing best in class tools and security processes, our team scans and analyzes your digital properties for existing weaknesses and vulnerabilities. The corresponding report prioritizes threats to your environment allowing for focused remediation and risk mitigation.

Privacy & Risk Assessment

Our analysis and expertise assist you in meeting and exceeding today’s rigorous compliance requirements in many regulated industries (such as HIPAA, PCI, GDPR). Through a personalized approach, our expert security advisors work with you to identify and mitigate risks associated with your digital properties and infrastructures. 

Our work with Security