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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has arrived and is helping all types of organizations run more efficiently by automating high-volume, labor-intensive and repetitive tasks like records maintenance, calculations, transactions and more. Certified in foundational RPA technology, Primacy’s technologists and business strategists can help you utilize RPA’s at your organization, streamlining work flows with faster and more accurate results, reducing your operational risk and maximizing productivity with proven ROI.

What we do

UiPath Certified Team

Comprised of RPA architects, process analysts, and developers, Primacy’s dedicated RPA team has experience building complex automations and driving triple-digit ROI across a wide-range of departments such as marketing, finance and analytics. We are certified in UiPath, a widely used platform for RPA development and a Gartner Magic Quadrant 2020 Leader.

Primacy’s RPA Feasibility Study

Determine whether RPA makes sense for your organization with Primacy’s RPA Feasibility Study. Our team creates a detailed report, with input from key operational leaders, that outlines where your organization can apply RPA, requirements to get up and running, and what the estimated business impact will be. This RPA Feasibility Study will quickly help you determine whether RPA makes sense for your organization and how best to implement it.

Business Process Optimization

The time to optimize or reimagine a process is before beginning to automate it.  Primacy’s team of business process experts is adept at identifying opportunities for improvement, getting our hands dirty in understanding the finer details of the current workflow, and building consensus around the right way to streamline the process prior to automation.


RPA is heavily dependent on successful integration with a wide array of third-party applications – essentially, the systems in which the work is to be done by the robots.  Primacy’s technology team will design and architect these integrations, developing robots to handle simple or complex tasks across most software platforms.

Development & Implementation

Working in either Agile or Waterfall methodologies, Primacy’s technology team has the application development and integration experience needed to maximize the security, performance, and stability of your RPA implementations.

Support & Optimization

The moment our robots go live, Primacy’s teams begin reviewing the accumulating analytics and Identifying opportunities to refine the existing work, drive further efficiency, and flag additional candidate processes for automation. This post-launch optimization is critical to ROI. Primacy is also prepared to give your teams long-term support through periodic maintenance and fine-tuning.

Our Work with RPA