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Our research team works hand-in-hand with our strategists to develop a customized approach to data collection and synthesis — including both primary and syndicated research. We deliver insights that help inform not only the white space opportunity in the market, but also the meaningful moments along the customer journey that capture the hearts and minds of the target audience.

What we do

Stakeholder & Business Discovery

To solidify context and business priorities, our strategists uncover unique assets and insights that inform a differentiated approach while remaining aligned with stakeholder expectations.

Voice of Customer (VoC) Research

To surface opportunities for deeper engagement, impact and brand loyalty, we conduct research that uncovers actionable customer insights. Armed with these insights, we drive ideation, innovation and optimization to pinpoint future strategy lines.

Segmentation and Persona Research

Leveraging data, secondary research and direct customer interaction, we build actionable profiles to guide marketing and experience decisions. By better understanding your customer base, we develop content and experiences to maximize your impact.

Customer Journey Research

We distill your customer’s end-to-end experience, including needs and pain points, to drive meaningful content and program development. Our end goal is always to understand and improve your customer’s brand experience.

Competitive and Industry Context

After identifying how your business compares to its peers and industry competitors, we harness out-of-the-box cross-vertical thinking and ideation to distinguish and inspire.

CX Roadmaps

Our strategies prioritize engagement, platform, and development initiatives/activities in support of business/customer goals in order to define investment recommendations via roadmaps backed by clear business cases.