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Today, healthcare marketers are required to be so much more than advertising or website experts. They are agents of change who lead the response to increasing consumer expectations and competition. Primacy helps hospitals, health systems, payers and other providers identify their most pressing challenges and develop solutions to move their business forward. We measure success by driving results and ensuring our clients achieve the transformation needed for long-term growth.

What we do

Strategy & Branding

Primacy brings to life the power and promise of healthcare’s higher purpose. We have extensive experience developing brand strategies for health systems, payers, and innovators across the health and wellness continuum. We craft powerful narratives and compelling creative that prove a brand’s relevance and value, while driving engagement across all channels. See our recent work for South Shore Health and HMR.

Patient Acquisition

Driving volume and expanding market share is key to success in increasingly competitive healthcare markets. Primacy’s proven approach to service line marketing enables our clients to find, engage and convert more patients. We use data, design personas and journey maps to identify patient decision points and unlock the growth potential of service lines.

Population Health

Value-based care is changing the way healthcare is provided and paid for, along with approaches to marketing and patient engagement. Primacy has experience working with organizations that have made the transition to value-based care. We create population health campaigns that engage patients and members in tasks and activities that foster awareness, promote medical adherence and compliance, participation in wellness activities and adoption of healthier behaviors.


Digital Transformation

Today, healthcare is embracing digital transformation. It’s what Primacy has been doing for 25 years—creating smarter digital experiences that solve business, marketing, patient experience and member satisfaction challenges. From elevating portal platforms, implementing telehealth and online scheduling to developing interactive solutions for sales teams, clients look to us to bring the latest and greatest solutions to engage their audiences in new and meaningful ways.


Website Redesign

Your website is the foundation that supports your entire “digital front door” strategy. Primacy’s UI/UX, design and tech teams are reimagining the way people experience healthcare in the digital world. We develop websites on a variety of CMS solutions, creating compelling, guiding experiences that quickly connect visitors with the information and services they need, and drive conversion. See our work with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and how we engineered a digital experience to work across a growing university health system.

CRM/PRM & Marketing Automation

CRM systems are at the vital center of efforts to attract and convert new patients and members in healthcare. PRM is essential to engaging and strengthening your physician networks. Primacy can help at every step along the way, from strategy and creative to implementation and measurement. We are Preferred Partners of Salesforce and have experience with a number of marketing automation solutions, including Eloqua and Marketo.

Our Work with Healthcare

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