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Primacy’s roots in Financial Services run deep. For over 30 years, we have helped world class F500 enterprises and ambitious mid-market companies evolve their digital and human experiences to stay ahead of the needs of an ever changing landscape. On a day-to-day basis our market segments range from Banking to Insurance (P&C, Life and Annuity, Specialty, Group and Voluntary Benefits) to Wealth and beyond with audiences spanning Consumers, Intermediaries, Employers and Businesses. Across this spectrum, we are obsessed with helping clients elevate impact throughout the journey
with transformative brand repositioning, marketing campaigns, website/digital experience redesigns
and beyond.

Brand and Digital Strategy

Primacy has developed award-winning brand, marketing and digital strategies to help ambitious banks, insurers and wealth creation companies distill the uniqueness of their brand, then activate them through holistic, compelling, experiences, creative and technology.

Audience Research

Primacy has developed a suite of nimble VOC techniques that enable the customer/user to have a seat at the table, as desired, in virtually any FinServ initiative without derailing budget or timeline.  We offer a variety of quantitative and qualitative research to create empathy, insight and benchmarks that shape our client work. From Focus Groups to IDIs to Panels, Survey and Ethnography, we can find solutions to meet the client and project need, whether Audience Discovery, Concept Testing, Brand Tracking, Employee Brand Engagement or Campaign Evaluation. We also stay ahead of the FinServ curve by investing in our own proprietary industry research across Banking, Insurance and Wealth.

Marketing Campaigns

Fueled by audience insights, deep industry expertise and powerful creative, we develop brand-enhancing marketing campaigns that help create awareness, drive leads and differentiate brands. Whether it’s helping an ambitious community bank stand out in a sea of sameness or an entrenched leader to penetrate a new product category, Primacy will find a way to help you create impact.

Experience & Content Strategy

To elevate Human Experiences, Primacy takes a journey and customer lifecycle centric view in all we do across Financial Services.  This can range from eliminating hurdles in a quote/application flow to specifying the next best action in a nurture sequence to enabling financial wellness to creating an industry leading content hub for a target audience.  Recognized by Forrester for our expertise in persona, journey map and ecosystem development, our Experience & Content Strategy is at the heart of what we do best.

Digital Experience

We imagine and build FinServ websites, intermediary portals, digital tools and landing destinations with a focus on creating compelling, frictionless experiences that help audiences quickly accomplish their goals. See recent initiatives for Salisbury Bank.

Sales Enablement

Keeping agents, brokers and other intermediaries engaged and enabled to seamlessly offer your products is an area of specialization for Primacy.  Having imagined and built custom digital presentations, interactive content experiences and digital sales tools, we are focused on increasing intermediary and sales team engagement and driving sales through intermediary and direct sales channels.

Our Work with Financial Services